Wednesday, December 24, 2008

EMPS #17: Holiday Greetings

"There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs."

-Ansel Adams

I thought it would be fun to play along with everyone else this week, so, here is my entry for the EMPS. This is a photo gone way wrong. LOL. But it has a fun quality to it that I am proud of in a weird way. I find it visually appealing, so I thought I would post it and see what all of you think. :) Feel free to play art critic, tell me what you think. Good photo? Bad photo?

And now my Holiday Haiku...

A Prayer Before Christmas (Haiku)
By Me :)

Lights Dancing Like Stars
A Prayer For Peace On Earth
Peace Begins With Love

Have you done your Monday Photo Shoot Assignment yet? If not, you have until next Sunday evening at 9:00 PM ET to play along. You can get the assignment here.

Don't forget to come by later tonight to see Dylan and Hendrix's Christmas greeting. See you later tonight!

"Peace On Earth"
Berkeley, California
December 2008


Terri said...

It's very playful and colorful and fun! It would be fun to guess what it is. It's like a laser light show!

Liz said...

I see wishes waiting to be captured and gathered in to create a light that moves through time. Your photograph has a dreamlike quality that is almost hypnotising and the haiku accompanies it perfectly.

Jama said...

This is so interesting, how did you did it?
Let me see what I can come out with this challenge, usually I'm the lazy one when it comes to editing.

Jama said...

Merry Christmas, Carly!

~ L said...

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Carly!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

That is a beautiful picture! We are wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year!

Kitties, I'm sure Santa Claws will bring you two cuties everything on your list!

Mike said...

I like it! It reminds me of fiber optic lights, or something.

Merry Christmas!

Florinda said...

I like that picture! Merry Christmas, Carly!

Suzanne R said...

Stunning picture, Carly, and it mystifies me as to how you achieved it. A unique and perfect card. Very nice haiku, too -- Merry Christmas to you, Alan and the kitties!

Karen Funk Blocher said...

That is so brilliant
I'd love to know how you made
Your lovely mistake!