Tuesday, December 16, 2008

By Special Request Of Dr. B :)

"A world without cats... I dare not think of it."


They Grow So Fast At This Age...

It came to my attention yesterday, that I have been a bit neglectful when it comes to showing off my two new sons. I scoffed at first, "but Dr. B," I protested, "I can't write about cats every day, I will end up chasing off all my readers!" To which he replied, "Well, don't you think your readers are also cat enthusiasts?" Well, ok, he had a point. But I know that some of you are definitely dog people. At least one of my readers is highly allergic to cats! LOL. And yes Dr. B., I do know that no one will break out into an unstoppable succession of sneezes just by viewing an adorable fluffy kitty-cat update on my blog. LOL. So, with silly worries aside, I present to you a full fledged kitten update. :)

Above you see Hendrix. Jeepers. He isn't really a kitten anymore. He is growing so fast, and look, he has completely lost his fuzz. My tiny little ball of energy, is now a sleek, deep purring, goofy ball of energy! He is still my comedian. He chases his brother, he chases my feet. He is all fascinated with my big toes. "No Hendrix, don't bite Mommy's toes." He loves food, his brother and Alan. He has really become Alan's cat, but he allows me to pet him as well. He is a caregiver. He took his brother in and he takes good care of him. He grooms him, and cuddles him, and at times, drives Dylan completely crazy! LOL. Hendrix has learned 3 words, NO, FOOD, and BAD! LOL. He knows about love as well, but that is best accomplished not with words, but with snuggles and scratches behind the ears. :)

It has been pretty smooth sailing with the boys. We put up a Christmas tree, and put all stuffed animals in the tree this year. Christmas bears mostly. It looks really nice. Both boys have already learned that the tree is off limits. It only took a week or so to teach them. I am impressed with their ability to learn. :) The Christmas tree is working out fine, but there is one bear in the tree that Hendrix has taken a special fancy to. I will let him have it after Christmas, but for now we are learning our boundaries.

Dylan's official nickname is "The Yam." Hendrix is the "Purple Haze." ;)

Both boys are in good health, although Dylan had a case of the tape worms a couple weeks ago. It happens. Doggone fleas. Bad fleas. Bad. Thank goodness it was a quick fix. One trip to Dr. B. and one tiny shot, and poof... worms be all gone! That makes me extremely happy. I don't like worms. I know, I know they aren't dangerous. No one has ever heard of a rabid worm, but OMG....YUCK! I swear just thinking about it made my skin crawl, but really, it all goes with owning a pet. Silly little problems like that. The good parts well out weight the bad parts.

So, that's about it. They are both growing like crazy. Gosh my kitties are becoming cats, go figure! I will miss the kitten fuzz, but I am so happy they are healthy. They will always be my babies. By the way, Dr. B, if you are reading this, I am working on a round up of photos for you to view here in a few days. It is a compilation of all the animal photos I have done in the last couple years. Squirrels, opossums, birds, dogs, and of course, cats. And I promise, more cat updates, so stay tuned.

NOTE: It's a tradition in our house to post a Christmas Eve greeting from the littlest members of our household, so be sure to check back late on Christmas Eve.

The Boys
Berkeley, California
December 15th and 16th 2008


Sandra said...

I too was wondering how the kitties were growing... can't wait for the nexr pictures...Thanks

Monica said...

I had been wondering what was happening with your boys and personally I look forward to updates and tales of them. Most of my friends are dog people, and while I have and love my dog, I really LOVE my kitty. But, then my kitty, I saved from the street when he was so small he fit in the palm of my hand. It's shameful to think someone would just dump a kitty. I've also saved an old lab dog who was dumped like garbage. You don't want to know what I wish for those people! I'm bad there.

Anyway, I'm with Dr B, don't forget the boys! Looking forward to more photos.


Suzanne R said...

I don't think I could ever get tired of looking at your photos of the boys, or hearing about them! They are adorable!


Karen Funk Blocher said...

As a matter of fact I was looking at that great photo on your sidebar over the weekend and thinking, "I wonder what they look like now!" Thanks for the update!


Funny catcha" wellyess! Such an affirmation!

Tammy said...

I've always been a dog person and allergic in my lungs to cats. I rescued my kitty kitty and fell in love. She's just getting used to people and has 1/2 a tail. I just learned about why she kneads my belly. I thought it was due to being squishy, but it's a hug. She is family and worth my inhaler.

I love seeing your boy's! HUGS

We just got 8" of snow that gobbled up my autumn. ;)

Julie said...

They are adorable.

Laura said...

oh my gosh! the boys are getting so big! Hendrix looks like he has some attitude...i like that in a cat.
thanks for sharing your boys.

DesLily said...

wow they sure are growing fast!! its too bad they can't stay kittens a little longer :o)

Nature's Sound said...

Thank you for the kitten update, I was just wondering about them yesterday and hoping you would post new photos. YEAH!!