Friday, November 28, 2008

Shhhhhh... Don't Tell Mom & Dad (Feline & Furball Friday)

"I always say, shopping is cheaper then a psychiatrist."

-Tammy Faye Bakker Messner

Shhhhhh. Hi, it's me Hendrix. Don't tell mom and dad that we are cuddled up in their bed! Today is something called "Black Friday" so they will be out all day. Oh they don't go shopping, they like to sit and watch other people go crazy at the malls. Whatever that means! Mommy always takes her camera, because there is always something to see! This year, however, they might be back home sooner then usual. There might not be as many people to see as in other years. That makes mommy sad. She likes to see other folks happy, and having fun. Sigh. Mew. It will be ok, when they get home we will play the "chase game" and the "catch the mousie" game. I won the last time we played, but Dylan is really good at it too! I After we play, we eat dinner. We get crunchies, but mom and dad get turkey. If we are good boys we might get some turkey too. I had my first turkey tasting just yesterday, and I must say, I LIKED IT! So please... don't tell mom and dad that we cuddled up in their bed! MEOW! :)

Now that you have read my Feline & Furball Friday entry, be sure to visit the host, Steven. You can see my pal Pickle, and find the links to my other furry pals. Steven says, Friday is the day for pets!

Note: As of today, I have been living with my new mom & dad 1 month! Wow! Dylan came after me, his anniversary is on December 5th!

-Hendrix & Dylan
"Cuddled Up"
Berkeley, California
November 28th, 2008
Early Morning


Sandra said...

I love the pic of the kittens... you can't take too many for me... can't wait to see the pictures you take today.... I hope you do post them

IndigoSunMoon said...

My lips are sealed Hendrix!!!
Give yourself a good satisfying lick, and give a lick to Dylan for me too, will ya?

Celeste said...

Ahh. So very sweet (the kittens).

I HATE the crowds. Do you think I am missing something about Black Friday and the holidays?

DesLily said...

glad to hear you are having a fine holiday weekend!

The "babies" are adorable and if anything like any of the cats around here, even the mention of turkey can have them go crazy!

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Oh, that's adorable!

Suzanne R said...

What a totally cute picture!

I am home this Black Friday. I have nothing to get and no reason to be out. I hope you have a good time and return with more great shots!

Tammy said...

That Dylan is always smiling. I just love seeing pictures of the kids. HUG

gina said...

they are adorable and look like they get along perfectly.

Theresa said...

I've been meaning to leave a comment about the new kitten's and how very cute they are, but this photo is by far the cutest yet! What sweet little baby boys you have, and how very lucky they are to have you. Have a great weeknd!

Linda's World said...

What beautiful kids. I just have one at my house...her picture is in my sidebar. She's a purbred rescued Exotic Shorthair (aka short hair Persian)and she's the love of my life. She can sleep anywhere she want to...Linda in Washington state

Nancy said...

Tooooo cute. and funny too.
What an adorable pic, and a smile to die for!