Thursday, November 13, 2008

Martha's A-Z Photo Challenge: N - O - P

"I take photographs with love, so I try to make them art objects. But I make them for myself first and foremost - that is important."

-Jacques Henri Lartique

Oh my goodness, where has the time flown? It seems I looked away for just a moment, and a month has gone by. The last letter I played for Martha's A-Z Photo Challenge was the letter M, and now she is up to the letter p! YIKES! So, in an effort to get caught up, and keep my promise to support her in her photo challenge, here are my entries for the letters, N, O, and P! Thanks for being so patient with me darling Martha. I am back on track now, and I should be on time from now on! And thanks again for helping me the other day, get all up to speed with things!

The large photo you see above is the letter "N." N - is for NEW YORK TIMES! I took that picture on Tuesday, November 4th. Election Day. After Alan voted, he and I kicked back at our favorite Starbuck's. I am hopelessly addicted to the news, politics and Starbuck's to the point I could use a support group for all three! LOL. My favorite warm morning beverages are the Caramel Apple Cider and the Hot Chocolate with Raspberry syrup. OMG! YUM! I don't indulge often, but on Election Day, with my nerves in tatters, it seemed like the thing to do. :) After I drank the warm, comforting beverage my blood glucose number was 89! :) Now that is the way to chase the bad blood away!

For the letter "O" I chose yet another photo of the new ORANGE tabby kitten in the house, Dylan. He is very patient, and extremely photogenic. It seemed like a purrfect fit! LOL.

And finally we come to the letter "P." Considering the time of year, I just had to show you a PUMPKIN don't you think? LOL. I love photographing pumpkins, I swear each one has a soul. Gourds are good people! Tee Hee.


Martha is a sweetie, and her photo challenge is great fun. Have you tried it yet? If
not, you really should. Just drop by her place for all the details!

"N Is For New York Times"
Berkeley, California
November 4th, 2008


gina said...

these are great carly, especially dylan. he is too cute...and he has a sweater on?? i love it. i'm thinking about a caption for this sweet guy cause i would love one of your photos! :)

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Hi Carly! I am so behind in my blogging because of my silly beans abandonment, um, I mean vacation last week, I just saw your comment.

Nice to meet you! Oh my Bast that little Hendrix is sooooo cute! Mommy has no kitten pics of me because she rescued me off the side of the road when I was around 2 so she goes gaa gaa over black kitten pics. His Halloween pics are great! Did you see mine? I dressed like Jimi at Monteray Pop Festival.

I am so sorry for your loss of Elvis. Have you ever heard of the Rainbow Bridge? I'm sure he is there and is chewing grass and laying in the sunbeam and whapping yarn balls until you meet again.

Dylan is adorable too! I love your rock n roll kitty names. Mommy's woofie (at the Bridge now) was named Sebastian Bach for the Skid Row singer. Do your rock n roll kitties have a favorite band? I looooooooove the Who and will sit on the subwoofer and watch the screen when they are on. My humans love it.

As soon as my mommy gets a chance, she is going to introduce your bloggy on mine if that is OK.

Not only do you have adorable kitties, but also great pictures! There are many many nice people and furries on the blogosphere.

Carly said...

HI Mr. Hendrix :)

I am so glad you came by, I would be honored to be added to your blog roll. Thanks so much! It's a happy thing that two cats named Hendrix can meet! :) Funny you should ask about my Hendrix's favorite music, as a matter of fact, his foster mommy told me that he enjoys Steppenwolf very much, and that she used to sing their songs to him. Sure enough, he always stops whatever he is doing when he hears them on my computer. :) I think my Hendrix likes the oldies bands. :) Anyway, welcome to my blog, it's nice to meet ya!


Linda's World said...

Love the pictures. Especially of your new little one. What a beautiful face he has. Linda in western Washington

Jama said...

Beautiful pictures, Carly. I just love looking at that orange pumpkin.

Nancy said...

Great entry, Carly....and of course, that Dylan should model for money for god's sake! Or maybe you should take PICS for money! Geesh...adorable.


lisaschaos said...

You had me at Starbucks! Then you threw in a tiny cute kitten and pumpkins too! Wow!

Linda :) said...

Your pictures are so pretty and Dylan is too cute!!
Great job!!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Very nice way to play catch up! Love Dylan..he is sooo cute! The pumpkins were perfect also..but it takes a lot to top a cute kitten:)