Sunday, November 16, 2008

In The Photo Trek Spotlight

"Photograph: A picture painted by the sun, without instruction in art."

-Ambrose Bierce

You meet such extraordinary folks through blogging. A couple months ago, a really fabulous photographer came by to play along with the Round Robin Challenges, and through that meeting I asked him to join in with the EMPS. I had no idea how much I would be learning from him. His name is Greg Kiser, and at that time he had the AOL Journal, Photo Trek. As we all know, AOL suddenly pulled the plug on the entire community, and when it did so, it destroyed a lot of hard work that folks had put into their journals and links through Google. Greg was one of the people hit the hardest by the loss of AOL Journals. He had spent a lot of time and creativity to create a special place to share his unique and beautiful photography. I know what felt like to put a lot of time and energy into a blog to make it a special place that represents my creativity. Greg not only did that with Photo Trek, but he went a step further by showcasing the photographic creativity of others as well.

Once a month he wrote a special article spotlighting a different photographer, who he felt advanced the art of photography. I am so honored to be one of the people he has chosen to spotlight. Yesterday, he wrote an article about me, and my love of photography, at his new website on the Internet, 446 Photography. Greg is a predominently a landscape photographer, who does some really wonderful things with water and movement in particular. He had a wonderful journal on AOL, but since leaving there late last month, he has created something even better with the new site. I will be following him in his new adventure, and continuing to learn wonderful tips about photography from him. He not only shares his personal gift for photography, but encourages others in their pursuit of the craft as well. He is a great guy, and I am honored to be featured this month.

Thanks so much Greg, for the kindness you have shown me. It means a lot. :)

Always, Carly :)

446 Photography

Photographer Spotlight: Carly Gordon

"Golden Gate"
January, 2005


gina said...

i've been a fan of your photography for more than a year now when i first stumbled across it. :) well deserved and congrats!!

Karen Funk Blocher said...

That was a well-deserved and insightful profile Greg wrote, and a few of your wonderful photos that he shared are ones I somehow missed the first time around.

I submitted Greg's entry to La Digg, so don't be surprised if you both get some new readers! It's my first non-political Digg submission, so I don't know whether it will make a difference or not.

IndigoSunMoon said...

I am still so angry with AOL for what they did. So many people lost everything, such as myself since I had a private blog. I know I could have unblocked and moved it, but you know, there was so many sad memories over there at my other journal that I thought a fresh start was in order.
Love you!

Martha said...

Congrats again Carly! I agree with you, Greg is a great guy! :-)

Greg Kiser said...


It was a pleasure to write the article for you, and I had a lot of fun getting to know you better. What I never expected was to come here and read such nice things about ME. The demise of the AOL journal, as well as my gallery was heartbraking, but what got started at AOL was bigger than AOL, and was destined to continue with or without AOL.

I'm so happy that you were my first original spotlight in the new really deserved that honor for all you do for the photography community.


Cindy said...

Congrats, that was a wonderful article Greg wrote!

There has NEVER been a Carly photo that I didn't love ! xo Phin

natalie said...

what a thoughtful and kind tribute Carly!thanks!
I don;t know if you are leaving town ..but have a gerat Thanksgiving if you are!

Linda's World said...

I've been following Greg for quite awhile now, he's a great photographer & a great guy. I saw his entry on you & your pictures and agreed with him that it's well deserved. I love your pics too. And thanks for sharing them with us. Linda in Washington state

Suzanne R said...

I enjoyed Greg's article, too, and learned things about you and your photography that I didn't know! It was very interesting. I didn't realize until reading it here that AOL had closed down their journals. That strikes me as an unkind and uncaring thing to do. I'm glad I never set up shop with them!


Far Side of Fifty said...

Carly, What a nice article! Way to go! I know when I first started with the photograph challenges your encouragement sure helped me along! There I was taking photos of frozen raspberries! Rarely a day goes by that I don't photograph something. AND I am learning more everyday! I am rarely without my camers either:)