Thursday, November 06, 2008

Hendrix's Story

"The smallest feline is a masterpiece."

-Leonardo da Vinci

The vacation is over. The election is THANKFULLY over. As of today, I am settling back into a normal routine. LOL. I laugh because I just used the words "normal routine." Why you ask? Well, see, there is an unstoppable energy in our house. It's name is Hendrix! Hendrix came to live with us just last week, so you might think we haven't much time to get to know one another, but to the contrary, he has planted himself firmly and completely in my heart, in fact, I am a goner! I have already told you that he is quick, and bright, and full of fun, but he is also cuddly and very, very kissable. He insists on it! LOL. Yes, I am in love. But you know all this, now let me tell you about what his life was like before he came to live with us. He has quite a story.

First, I have to go back a little ways. Back to the day my Elvis passed away. I was in shreds that day. I had such mixed feelings going on. On the one hand I knew Elvis was dying, and his little body had put up a good fight, but it was apparent that all the joy was draining out of his life. He didn't want to play with his toys, and food was refused, unless it was Oscar Meyer Turkey lunch meat, and the worst part of all, he was beginning to feel pain. I made a deal with my boy a long time ago, he would have a happy life, but if the worst should happen, and it did, I would say goodbye while he had some dignity left. He was my child, how could I not promise him that. So, I said goodbye.

Dr. B., who clearly felt as sad as we did that day, helped us let go of Elvis, and then reminded us that one day, when we were ready, there are tons of cats who will be looking for someone to love them, and who they could love. "Especially the black cats," he said. It seems most folks don't think of them as special enough. Weird. A good cat is a good cat. Don't get me wrong, my heart belongs to the Tuxedo cats, I have owned two in my life, and both of them were dreamboats, but I know the joy that cats bring us and it is available in all cats, regardless of the packaging. If you own a kitty, then you already know all the attributes that escape people who swear that dog's are man's or woman's best friend.

Cats can be fiercely loyal. They aren't as aloof as people seem to believe. They will chase your feet by day, and keep them toasty warm by night. They are gentle. They are kind. They have their likes and dislikes as all God's creatures do, but if you love them, you will always be a hero in their eyes. Stubbornness is a virtue, it can be depended on. Each cat is born with a quirk. Something special in their personality that is uniquely theirs. With Elvis, it was his ability to love first. Animals, people, rabbits, birds, squirrels, opossums, and even dogs in his last few months of life. After having lived with a cat like Elvis, who could I possible love again?

The answer is Hendrix. (Insert smile here). A couple weeks after Elvis passed away, Alan and I noticed how quiet the house was. No putty pads running across the floor, no sound of bells, no funny little conversational mews. We had already decided that one day, perhaps after the holidays, we would look for the next great cat, but we were both now in tears. Tears of great sorrow, and longing. It was clear, we needed that energy back in our little house. After all, a cat makes a home... right?

So, we made the call to Dr. B, and asked that a meeting be set up with the nice lady who fosters the cats. Ms. D., and later that day, we met her, and Hendrix at Dr. B's. At the time we adopted him, his foster name was "Moose." It suited him perfectly. We liked the name Hendrix for him better, but his official nickname will always be Moose. LOL. He had a rough start to life. He was left in a box, all alone, in front of a different veterinarian's office, late on a Saturday night. The doctor came in the next day, and saw that tiny, wee abandoned baby and asked Ms. D. to take him in for foster care. She said yes, but she keeps the legal limit of kitties at all times. Her love for cats is endless, she is an angel on earth who tries her best to unite lonely humans, with wayward kitties. She will always be our angel, for bringing us together with Hendrix. It's a perfect fit.

There is happiness in our house again. Happiness runs, and eats like a moose, plays with my feet, and picks at my tights, and sometimes turns his bed over, and falls asleep in my arms. Happiness has a name, it's Hendrix. Elvis is in my heart, and I still wish I could hold him once more, or feel his paws on my face when I wake up in the morning, but somehow I just know that Elvis would approve of Hendrix. Elvis hated it when I cried, he would pat my tears away, and sit by my side until I stopped crying. Hendrix has made me laugh for a solid week, and somehow I can almost hear Elvis laughing too, all the way from Heaven. :)

There is some additional news to share. BIG, BIG, BIG news. Tune in tomorrow for my entry for Steven's Feline And Furball Friday. The fun just keeps coming!!!


"Hendrix In Autumn"
Berkeley, California
November 3rd 2008


Monica said...

I LOVE this entry! It just makes me so happy knowing that Hendrix has a wonderful home now.

My little Jet, was an abandoned kitty that my daughter saw as we were driving down the street. He was much to young to be left - he fit in the palm of my hand at the time. We brought him home - a pure black cat and he has added so much joy and love to our home.

Now where did you get that sweater for Hendrix!? It's so cute


Carly said...

Thank you Monica :)

I purchased Hendrix's sweater at Michaels Arts and Crafts. It is a small teddy bear sweater. :)


Lisa said...

I adored this entry, your words brought tears to my eyes.

My Maine Coon growls (yes, like a dog) if HE feels any of the other animals are bothering me. He has taken loyalty to a new level. LOL.

Hendrix may have not had the best start in life but I can clearly see he is going to have an exceptional life with you.

You are my kind of person!

Sandra said...

Hendrix is a beautiful kitten and its a beautiful picture you took of him too.... I know you will all be happy together

Laura said...

awww, I love his story. hendrix is such a sweet, cutie pie. I am so glad he is a part of your lives now and that you are sharing him with us.

Nancy said...

Oh Carly,
What a heart warming entry. Little Hendrix is quite the cutie patootie! (and that sweater!)

We have a black cat too...little Yogi. Not so little anymore though.

So glad you're surrounded by love, and laughter...and all the way from heaven too. You are a special one my friend.


Mike said...

That sweater cracks me up! It's like he's some bruiser from the '50's or something. I mean that in a good way. :)

Indigo said...

Having a house full of 4 of the rascals, I know I would mourn the loss of any one of them. I loved this entry dear friend. Hendrix story and how you came to have him is priceless. I do indeed think Elvis is laughing along with you these days. Loved this picture of Hendrix! (Hugs)Indigo

Far Side of Fifty said...

Great story! I am so glad you allowed Hendrix to capture your heart and make you smile again! Elvis is indeed proud of you:)