Friday, November 21, 2008

Caption Me Winner!

And the winning caption is...

"Who said mischief didn't leave you with a hangover!"


Alan, as you may know, is the official judge when it comes to contests and MadLibs, and he didn't have an easy time! We really enjoyed all your entries very much. Thanks so much for playing along! I will be having more Caption Me contests coming up, so stay tuned, or better yet, try to play along! :)

Indigo, hon, I have a your prize waiting for you, but you have to send me an email so I have an address to send it back to. :) You can reach me at ...


"Who Said Mischief Doesn't Leave You With A Hangover"
Berkeley, California
November, 2008


Solitary Dancer said...

I love it. That's a perfect caption.

Well done, Indigo!


Monica said...

LOL - perfect caption!


Indigo said...

Thank you hon. It was an honor. I'll send my addy to you directly. (Hugs)Indigo