Friday, October 17, 2008

Weekend Assignment #237: Spending Spree

"Inflation hasn't ruined everything. A dime can still be used as a screwdriver.

-Quoted in P.S. I Love You, compiled by J. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Weekend Assignment #237: A long-lost relative dies and leaves you $10,000. But there's a catch: the will states that it cannot be saved, invested, given to charity or used to pay bills. You've got a week (sorry, lets make it two weeks) to spend it all. (Anything left over will be used to buy tiny wheelchairs for injured pigeons.) What will you do with the dough?

Extra Credit: Excluding food and necessities, what is the most recent thing you've bought for yourself?

-Karen Funk Blocher, of the blog, Outpost Mavarin

Extra Money? What's that?! Tee Hee. This has been a difficult year for us, financially speaking, but we are slowly making our way back to having a little saved. We are not complaining mind you, we spent it wisely taking care of Mr. Elvis, but there hasn't been much room for extras, thanks not as much to his medical bills, as to the sagging economy and gas prices! Still, as difficult as it has been, I know as sure as I am sitting here, we haven't had it as difficult as those folks trying to raise a family. Over all, I am ok with how we spent our money this year, Alan and I have made some smart choices, such as not eating out all the time. That is probably the number one drain on bank accounts, and the easiest expense to eliminate.

But the point here is to blow the pennies from heaven, so, lets do a little daydreaming, shall we? I can't do much about changing my priorities at this point, so I think I will find some things that will aid me in my life. Not necessities, but practical all the same. For example; I love to cook, so I would love to purchase a new set of cookware, and some new food processors. Also, I have never owned a really nice set of China, so I would buy me some dishes and flatware in a pretty pattern for all those gourmet meals I like to make! With what's left over, I will pick up some new clothes, like the ones I found this past week at my favorite store, Old Navy. I got two new outfits for under $15.00! Can you believe it? Two skirts and two tops, both interchangeable. Excellent! And of course, I would love to get down to Southern California to do some photography there!

That's it. That's what I would do. :) I would just like to spend it wisely, and be able to stretch it as far as possible. Luxury and Necessity can live together if planned for properly. :) Although spending the money just on myself wouldn't be very satisfying, so, I would purchase a few catnip mousies for any new friend I might have at the time. :) And Alan could use some new things too.

Extra Credit: The most recent thing I bought was my $6 outfits from Old Navy. I could have gotten by without them, but it was nice to have them all the same.

"Old Navy Mini Skirt and Top"
Berkeley, California
October 16th, 2008


Karen Funk Blocher said...

Interesting! This makes a good counterpoint to this week's more frivolous answers, including mine!

Kiva said...

$15 for four outfits. Magnificent find! You'll do well in stretching that $10,000 rather than blowing it like I did!

Cindy said...

Boy would I love to have $10,000!! I would buy a new desktop computer, a laptop for Beau, a CAMERA and Photoshop!! Then maybe clothes, shoes, etc. Your new outfits look cute!! Good bargain shopper you must be! OH YEAH - gas price here in town is down to $2.89/gal yesterday!! Just a few weeks ago it was $3.49 ~Woot!! xo Phinney

MyMaracas said...

Two outfits for under 15 bucks! What a deal. Old Navy is a great place to stretch a dollar. Now about the catnip mousies comment ... is there a new kitty in your future, do you think?

I've tagged you for a meme, if you'd like to play. Seven Weird and Random Things, which could go Halloweenish. It's here:

Mike said...

Well, with all the cooking you will be doing, you are bound to get something on your clothes. It's probably a good idea to get them together. :)

Nancy said...

Oh I'm a good shopper too. It's just that although I find good deals, I find WAY too many of them! lol

In just put the shopping bug in me. But I gotta tell ya, what would be so wrong with helping out poor, innocent, injured pigeons? Huh?