Monday, October 20, 2008

Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot #8: Reflections

"There are always flowers for those want to see them"

-Henri Matisse


EMPS #8: Reflections.
We have a simple subject this week folks... Reflections. Grab your cameras, and show me a reflection of some sort. It could be in water, or in glass, or in any reflective surface. You might come up with something spooky, or something beautiful, even or someone deep in thought! Get it? Think about it! Be creative. Be daring. Be Reflective!

Extra Credit: Show me a REFLECTION of, well, you! :)

You have until next Sunday, at 9:00 PM to post your entry to your blog or journal, and then come back here with the direct link to the entry specific to your EMPS entry. DO NOT LEAVE A GENERAL LINK TO YOUR BLOG OR JOURNAL.

Linking List for EMPS #7: Furniture. 10/13/08

Now Closed!

Jama shows us a gorgeous dining set. :) Very, very nice indeed!

Judi's favorite piece of comfy furniture is a honey pine 4 - poster bed.

Laura allowed my favorite Internet sensation, the Watchful Scuba Duck, to relax in her favorite comfy, cozy chair. I am loving that duck! GO SCUBA DUCK!

Martha has a gorgeous, comfy dining room all set all ready for dinner guests! I'll be right there Martha!

Karen, and her hubby, have two favorite places to sit. A "chartreuse whatchamacallit", and a "pink chair like thing." Both look like good places to catch a quick nap! :)

Julia has a lovely antique rocker, with a pretty tapestry covered seat. Aren't family heirlooms just the best!

Steven has a really nifty entertainment center, which pretty much takes up an entire wall!

Wammy photographed some outdoor furniture, including some that she bought at a sale. An excellent bargain to be sure!

Tammy's favorite place to cuddle with her kitty and dog, is a on a recliner in her living room. Everyone looks mighty comfy in her photo, and now I need a nap! LOL. Yawn. :)

Connie shows us an outdoor swing, with an attached awning, in a blue and white stripped pattern. Outdoor swings

Wonderful photos as always everyone! See you in one week with the Linking List for this week's challenge, and an all new photography assignment!



Julia said...

Since I am wide awake I guess I'll post mine now.


Jama said...

reflection of a glass table.

Cindy said...

carly this photo is stunning!

Lisa said...

Hello..this is my first time with one of your shoots so if I didn't do something correctly please let me know!!!

IndigoSunMoon said...

Absolutely breath taking picture Carly!

emmapeelDallas said...

Beautiful pic, and I loved this idea! You inspired me to shoot some new stuff and that's a good thing. Thanks, Carly! I've posted mine here:

Skip and Vick said...

Hi Carly, enjoy your blog and the concept. Here is a reflection from us.

We're now a faithful follower.
Skip & Vicki

Anonymous said...

Hi, came across this posting through Lisa (Life on a Bison Farm)

I had already posted some photos today, some of which contain reflections, so I edited the post and thought I'd leave a link.

Lainey Laine said...

Hello I was introduced to you by Mr brainwhispers - love your photos! When I get better at photography then I might join in!
Laine xx

gina said...

here's mine.

MyMaracas said...

Here you go -- not a plant and not a bug, for a change.

Bea said...

Well, now this is an assignment I can deal with... I have something beautiful to reflect on... and I miss the reflections it brought me. Here is my entry.

(Cassie) said...

Here is mine...


storyteller said...

I just learned about this when I visited Martha at Menagerie this morning, but I’ve published my ‘reflective photo’ at Sacred Ruminations this morning … and I look forward to visiting others as time permits this week.
Hugs and blessings,

Robin said...

You might come up with something spooky, or something beautiful, even or someone deep in thought! Get it? Think about it! Be creative. Be daring. Be Reflective.

Tammy said...

I love reflections!

I will come by on Monday to see all your goodies.

Carly, that is a beautiful reflection. HUG

Martha said...

Hi Carly. I would have sworn I came to leave my link yesterday - hope I didn't leave it on the wrong photo shoot somewhere, LOL!

Here ya go...

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Good grief, I forgot to leave a link! D'Oh!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hi Carly, Your reflection was just lovely! I hope you had a wonderful week! :)
Mine is up!
Far Side of Fifty Photos