Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lazy Days

"When we are tired, we are attacked by ideas we conquered long ago."

-Friedrich Nietsche

Autumn always heals me. Along with it's cool mornings, and warm afternoons, comes my peace of mind. I have never been able to figure out what it is about this season that allows me to think so much clearer, and sleep so much sounder, and live so much better, but somehow it does. Have you stepped outside yet, for the sole purpose of looking at the how the autumn sun plays with the color of leaves and flowers, and of course the sunset? Here on the west coast, we are all about the sunsets, but I think next month, I will try for at least one sunrise. I think Alan and I will get up really early, or perhaps not got to bed at all, and head across the bay to San Francisco, to watch the sun rise over the bay. Maybe the view from Twin Peaks would be the best place to be, as the sun lights up all those amazing tall buildings. The view from up there is magnificent.

I haven't done as many photos this year as I have wanted to. There have been a ton of reasons. The price of gasoline, my diagnosis of degenerative arthritis, Elvis's cancer, the drama with the state budget. I get sad when I think about it all at one time, so I won't dwell on all the reasons, I will just say that sometimes life gets busy, and sometimes I have the energy of a toddler, and sometimes, not so much. That's just life... right? It just is what it is. The last few days I have been somewhere in the middle, but today I am really tired, and it is not even noon yet. I feel quiet, and a little bit unfocused. Not really uninspired, just maybe, well, little inside.

I am not taking my mood lightly. I am going to fight back. Later today I am going to ask Alan out on a date to Starbucks for a Venti/Shaken/Ice Tea/Lemonade/with Passion tea. YUM. If you haven't tried it yet... go get one now. It will hit the spot, trust me on that! (Insert BIG smile here). And for dinner tonight I am planning on whipping up a new recipe for stuffed chicken breast. Autumn always seems to inspire my cooking as well. But for now, however, I am going to bow to my mood, and be lazy for the next few hours. Cream of Tomato soup, and a toasted cheese sandwich for lunch, my Elvis by my side, a wonderful warm cropped sweater around my shoulders, and a good book in my hand. Lazy in the afternoon.

Lazy Days
By Robbie Williams

Lazy days calling to you
Come out to play
The future lies with you
Now you can be sure love is the cure
What we're searching for
Is to have a jolly good time

Crazy days, but you'll get me through
And here I'll stay, holding on to you
Now you can be sure
Our thoughts unpure
Will unlock the door
And we'll have a jolly good time

It can happen in any season
We don't need any reason
To sit around and wait
The world can change in a second so
I find the sunshine beckons me
To open up the gate
And dream and dream

Lazy days don't let the get you down
Where your smile
I don't to see you frown
Don't let them get you down

It can happen in any season
We don't need any reason
To sit around and wait
The world can change in a second so
I find the sunshine beckons me
To open up the gate
And dream and dream

The we will have... a jolly good time.

"Yellow Reflections"
Cull Canyon Park
Castro Valley, California
September, 2007


Martha said...

Hi Carly!
I think I feel about the same way you do today ::sigh::
I hope you're going to make those yummy brussel sprouts to go with tonight's stuffed chicken dinner - that would put another big smile on your face, I promise! I just made them last night - YUM!

Nancy said...

Hey girl,
Just a quick hello....and a question. Does that drink have to be ordered just like how you typed it? Sounds yummy.

I'm a bit out of it too, btw.