Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Gates Of Heaven

"Sunsets are so beautiful that they seem as if we are looking through the gates of Heaven"

-John Lubbock

Here is my last summer sunset for 2008! We had an unusually mild summer this year, there were only few days that I can were summer like. Even yesterday, when I took this photo, I was wearing gloves. Strange summer. The sunsets this year have been magnificent, I didn't photograph as many as I should have, but I plan to rectify that. I am hoping to make autumn, all about the sunsets! Wish me luck, now that I have said my plans out loud... lol... you just know something will try to stand in my way! We'll see.

So tell me, how was your summer in terms of the weather? Are you looking forward to autumn arriving? Tell me everything.

"Gates Of Heaven"
Point Montara Lighthouse
Montara, California
September 18th, 2008


Suzanne R said...

I love autumn! Here in northwestern Oregon, though, sometimes it just comes in gray and cloudy, like today. But then there will be glorious, sunny, crisp days. Haven't seen them yet!


Cindy said...

My summer was way too hot and muggy. Good news is we didn't have a drought, plenty of rain & the lawns never dried up. That was wonderful. I love your sunset photo to pieces, never see anything like that here in little connecticut. More, please! xo Phin

Patrick said...

As promised...finally got around to posting on this one.

I may now have a new favorite picture of yours! :)