Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Steven's Feline & Furball Friday: Elvis And The Boy Next Door

"Our perfect companions never have fewer then four feet."


Have I told you about Elvis's canine pal Mac? Mac is a beautiful bulldog mix who lives just over the fence that has the beautiful Morning Glory growing on it. Mac and his human, Oliver, moved into the neighborhood almost a year ago. Since that time, Elvis has had the same routine. Each morning Elvis wakes me for his regular breakfast, consisting of two cans of Gourmet Chicken Fancy Feast, then it is on to picking out his clothes for the day, followed by cuddle time with mommy, as we watch Live with Regis & Kelly.

It seems Elvis isn't a big fan of The View, no offense ladies, but the minute Regis and Kelly go off, he walks to the back door and asks to go out, so he can play with Mac. So far the cat and dog haven't been in the same yard, but they seem to enjoy chatting about neighborhood gossip through the fence. :) Sometimes, Mac will bark late at night, as if to say, "Hey, can Elvis, come out and play?!" I am pretty sure this is true, because as soon as I let my boy out, Mac always stops barking, and then sits down by the fence, quietly, and politely. I am proud of my boy, and his ability to make friends. It doesn't matter if you have paws, claws, legs, or fins, Elvis will consider you a his friend. Friendship seems to be the most important thing to him. :) What a boy!

"Oh boy, a belly rub!" This is part of our nightly routine, so Elvis will be able to let go of the seperation anxiety he has been feeling lately. We have lots and lots of quality playtime before bed. :) Good for the cat, and for me too. :) He was just starting to giggle as I took this picture. Everyone loves a good giggle. ;)

Medical Update: Elvis is doing awesome as far as we can tell. His nose has stopped bleeding, and his eye infection is completely gone. And the best news of all... he is eating enough again, to be able to tolerate his insulin, and last night he ate some fried chicken for the first time in 6 months. He can smell his food again!!! And if all that wasn't enough, he has let me sleep through the night, for the last 2 nights in a row!

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"Elvis And The Boy Next Door"
Berkeley, California
August 19th, 2008


Mike said...

Mac looks like he is wearing eyeliner. :) glad Elvis is doing better!

IndigoSunMoon said...

You are so right about Elvis. He seems to make friends with everyone! I'm so glad he is doing better!
Love ya,

DesLily said...

of course the dog likes Elvis! He's no fool! lol