Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday Photo Shoot #35: Two "D" Words And An Announcement

"An idea is a point of departure and no more. As soon as you elaborate on it, it becomes transformed by thought."

-Pablo Picasso

New Monday Photo Shoot #35: Departure of Destruction. Photograph a departure of some sort, people walking away, a train pulling out of a station, a graduation, whatever - or evidence of destruction. If your photos combine the two somehow, that's even better!

Karen Funk Blocher, of the blog, Outpost Mavarin

About The Train...

I chose the picture you see above, because Karen always seemed to enjoy it. She has given me a lot of positive feedback over the years about my photos, and it was always so appreciated. I remembered you liked that photo Karen, so that one is especially for you! :)

About The Monday Photo Shoot...

As you probably read over on Karen's blog, Outpost Mavarin, as of next Monday, September 1st, I will be taking over the Monday Photo Shoot. The MPS has been a big part of my blogging life since our Blogfather, John Scalzi, debuted the project back in March of 2004. I was very sad when he left AOL at the end of last year, because I had appreciated the effort he put into both the MPS and the Weekend Assignments. Both memes allowed me to step out of my own comfort zone, and do an assignment that I more then likely wouldn't have tackled all on my own. Sometimes I needed to step out of my own box, and challenge myself. That's what a challenge is supposed to do... right?

I was relived, and very pleased, when Scalzi personally handed the reins of the MPS to Karen. She did a great job with it over the last 8 months, with some really good, strong assignments. I always enjoyed the weeks I played under Karen's direction very much, I wish I could have played more weeks, but unfortunately sometimes things just got in my way. Life has been hectic in our little cottage, and I am sorry if I wasn't as supportive as I could have been, because I really thought she did an excellent job with it. But I do understand the feeling of burnout that she mentions. Blogging can do that to you, and every once in a while, it is a good idea to take a step back and reassess your priorities.

So, when she asked me a couple weeks ago if I was still interested in taking over the MPS I said "YES!" See, I think it will be a good project for me right now. We are coming into the autumn and winter months, where I always feel at my most creative. The problem is, I know that getting out with the camera will be a bit more challenging this year due to my recent diagnosis of degenerative arthritis in my right knee. Doing the MPS will help me center my own creativity, and give it a finer focus. I did a lot of thinking about it, and I talked to Alan, and I really think it will be a nice way to keep my creativity going strong.

I have some fresh ideas for the MPS, and I think they will be ones you will enjoy a lot, but over all it will still be about a group of friends and fellow bloggers chasing away the Monday blues, by sharing their love of photography with one another. If you want to play along, well that would be just wonderful, but if you are busy, or uninspired by a topic I choose, or just plain don't wanna play along... lol... that's fine too. No worries. We all get busy, we all have those days when things just don't seem to fit. It happens. When I get that way, I pick up my camera, but that's just me.

Anyway, I want to thank John Scalzi, for creating the MPS, and Karen, for all her hard work and effort with it, since he handed it over to her last January. Without the two of you, Monday would have just been Monday, with you, Monday became a photographic adventure! I promise to try my best with this project, and make it a fun and creative outlet for everyone. So, I will see you next Monday, and hopefully for many more Monday's to come!

Always, Carly :)


Charley said...

Congratulations, Carly, on taking over the photo shoot - way to go! You'll be awesome, no doubt!

MyMaracas said...

Beautiful photo, that. I actually played this time, and I look forward to seeing what you'll think up for the Monday shoot.

Good luck!

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Well, yes, I do like that photo a lot, especially because of the engineer hanging off it. I'm sure Scalzi will agree with me - the Monday Photo Shoot could not have a better organizer and creative director!

Jama said...

congrats Carly!
I've been a loyal player at Karen's ever since I've found her through google recently. I definitely will continue to be a good supporter of MPS!
See you!

Jama Hameed
Sweet Memories

Kiva said...

I can't think of a better person to hand it to :0) I'm definitely playing. Lead on!

P.S. Thanks for the support. I truly appreciate it.


Martha said...

Conrats on taking over the Monday Photo Shoot! This is lovely entry, a very nice tribute to Karen and John too. I look forward to playing along whenever I can! :-)