Friday, August 01, 2008

The Golden Dream By The Sea

"Don't vote, it only encourages them."


"I have big hopes for California. President spoke of America as "the shining city on the hill. I see California as the golden dream by the sea."

-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, in his 2003 Inaugural address

Like most voters, I listen when the politicians talk. I am willing to listen if they really have somethings to say. When California decided it would be a good idea to unseat Governor Gray Davis, I was interested in hearing why a new guy would be the way to go. Personally, I don't think Davis was given a fair shake, he had come into his administration facing a lot of damage, left behind by the evil that was known as Gov. Pete Wilson. When I looked up the Wikipedia page for Wilson, I found a shockingly one sided definition of the man. Nowhere did it mention some of his harshest actions as California's 37th governor, such as during the IOU's he paid state workers, during the 1992 budget impasse, which lasted 67 days. Maybe President Bush is right, maybe history will remember him as a good president. Personally, as long as I have breath and access to the Internet, I am will to keep the record straight, that alone gives me plenty to live for.

Last night I decided to Google Governor Schwarzenegger's 2003 inaugural speech, to see what he was promising at that time. It really reads like the same old promises, made by just another politician. It's funny, when he took office, I thought it would be a strange spectacle. But like with most of those I have voted for, there have been good times and bad.What I liked about Arnold, was the fact that he, for the most part, made some good decisions, and didn't much act like just another republican. In fact, there have been times over his time in office, that I have been downright proud of his abilities. What I feared the most, way back in 2003 was his eventual downward spiral into business... political business... as usual. He has finally made it all the way down to the bottom of the barrel. It's actually sad to watch. I wish he would remember what he said in the beginning, and strive for that ideal he had. As I sit here today, trying to decide which to shut off first, the satellite TV or the Internet, I have to wonder who is the bigger schmuck? He for saying/acting those words, or me for believing them.

Text of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's 2003 Inaugural Address

I know the last few posts have been a serious departure from my usual blog entries in terms of attitude, and while I have felt like I have to be brutally honest about life from time to time, I also know that you get out of life, what you put into it. So, in an effort to live my life the best I can, and hopefully encourage others along the way, this is my last snippy entry about how unfair life can be at times. Time to make that lemonade I have been craving, I do, after all, have a delicious Meyer lemon tree right in the backyard of my cottage. :) So, starting tomorrow, and continuing on as long as I am here, things will be back to normal with Elvis updates, original photography, assorted political rantings (mostly about presidential politics) and maybe a recipe or two. We'll see. So, stay tuned.

California Capitol Building
Sacramento, California
Late October, 2006


Florinda said...

I've been hearing and reading that the State Controller isn't going to implement the minimum-wage executive order. I guess we'll see what plays out. The whole thing sucks, but you knew that.

And hey, if you can't vent your fears and frustrations on your blog, what good is it? Hang in there, girl.

IndigoSunMoon said...

You can go back to blogging like you used to if thats what you want, but dont write what you think we want to hear from you...write how you are feeling if you need to. We who read your blog, love you very much and want you to feel free to let it rip if you need to.
Love you hun,

stetsonsfyre said...

I agree with what Ms. Connie said, write what's on your mind no matter what.. I have trouble writing in my own journal frankly because I don't want to be too negative, sometimes? that's the way it is, negative and I'm getting to the point of "don't like it? don't read it" it's almost like a form of censorship in trying to live up to other people's ideals.
I remember when Arnold dear was first put into office, I lived in Oregon at the time (and oh my gosh do I MISS that state!) and wondering when he'd start following in every other politicians foot steps, apparently he's done it and it's sad. Peer pressure sucks doesn't it?
Blessings to the 3 of you**