Sunday, July 06, 2008

Elvis Update: Twisted Whiskers

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When I took this photo of Elvis back in May, I didn't realize it's strange and wonderful "Twisted Whiskers" quality. LOL. I love Twisted Whiskers, and now I have a pretty good photo of my boy posing as one! :)

Elvis has been having a hard time recently. I mentioned last week that Dr. B was unable to give him the dose of chemo that was scheduled for last Tuesday, because his blood level wasn't where it should be. It is a common thing with chemo, sometimes the doses come every 3 weeks, sometimes they come every four. There are some other things happening that have us worried, because no matter how you look at it, it isn't good news. The most striking is that Elvis has dropped 1/2 lb. in the last two weeks! That is a lot for a cat to lose.

He is such a trooper about taking his medicine. He never fusses much, but I know he hates it. Alan has been giving it to him every night before we go to bed, and often times it leads to some serious, silent crying from us. I know the medicine will help him feel better, and it does, he is a happy little fellow most of the time, but at the same time I know we will have to let go soon.

It's hard to tell when Dr. B will say the time is right. We have a strong verbal agreement between us that when the cancer starts to spread, or the chemo stops working, or Elvis's begins to be in pain, that will be the time. So far none of those things is happening. No pain to the touch, no tumors in other parts of his body, just the occasional bloody nose. When that happens he comes over to me, so I can wipe it with a soft tissue. LOL. It's so sweet. It didn't take me long to teach him that, he is such a smart little guy.

Sometimes, however, it's the things Dr. B doesn't say that worries me the most. Last week he looked a little bit sad as he weighed Elvis. I didn't ask why, I knew on some level that he was really concerned. Still, we have an appointment for this coming Tuesday. Elvis is outside playing right now. I can hear his bells as he walks across the yard in search of large yellow swallowtail butterflies. There have been a lot of them this year, and knowing him, he has already made a friend with one of them. LOL. Tuesday, will be a long day, so I am glad he is outside playing today.

Twisted Whiskers Website

"Twisted Whiskers Elvis"
Berkeley, California
May, 2008


IndigoSunMoon said...

My heart is breaking for you and Alan. God, I know how much you love Elvis. I'm glad that you have a caring vet, one who will tell you the truth because I know that beyond anything you dont want Elvis to suffer at all.
I'm thinking of all of you today...and please, give Elvis a kiss and a hug from me.
Love you,

Steven said...

I'm hoping for the best! Hang in there Elvis kitty! Pickle sends his meows along too. Be strong Carly and Alan, enjoy every moment. Love that cat :-)