Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dating Alan

"Cinema should make you forget you are at the theater."

-Roman Polanski

Alan and I were talking the other day, and it occurred to us that we haven't been on an actual date in a long time. We went to dinner and a movie on my birthday a few weeks ago, but we haven't just gone on a regular date in months. There has been a lot of stresses in our lives. Alan has his work, which he loves, but lets face it no job is stress free. Then there is Elvis and his cancer. While he is doing pretty good right now, it is a constant concern for both Alan and I. It's sad knowing we wont have our little man a year from now. We try not to dwell on it too much, but it's there, hovering, if you have ever lost a pet, you can probably relate. Then lets add in world events, George Bush, and food and gas prices... well... you get the picture.

I saw on The View the other day, that couples who spend time together end up with more solid relationships. Well duh! Alan and I have always shared each others hobbies and interests. We both love to read, we enjoy the same taste in music, we have always debated politics together. Remember, he was a republican when I met him. LOL. I have always taken credit for bringing him into the light. Tee Hee. He will tell you that he merely saw the light for himself! Either way, we share a lot, not just politics. But couples do not live by politics alone, a good movie and a bite to eat out can be very inviting as well!

Momma Mia came out last Friday, so Alan and I decided to make it into a date. He got off work in just enough time to make the last matinee showing, so we drove out to Dublin to see it. When we go on dates, we always leave town to do it. It makes it a little more special to go just one or two cities over so we aren't seeing the same old places and sights. Just a little trick we do to shake things up a bit. The movie was wonderful, despite what the New York Times said. It was a chick flick, that Alan enjoyed too. Hey, we grew up listening to ABBA, so the music in the movie was fun, and the story just was what it was. It was a good time, at a good movie. The things I hate about critics is their inability to just pull the stick out and just enjoy a movie for what it is. You know? That's why I rarely listen to critics. You should have seen the smile on Alan's face, as I sang "Dancing Queen" with everyone else. Alan has a great smile.

After the movie, Alan and I grabbed a slice of pizza, at Me-N-Ed's Pizza bar. We sat outside and just people watched. Can you believe it? We went a few cities away, and we still ran into an acquaintance! LOL. Oh well, I guess we aren't the only ones who needed a little getaway that night. :) Hi again, Wilton! It's been a long time since we grabbed a slice of pizza together. As you know, I don't like restaurants too much, but Me-N-Ed's makes really yummy pizza, I just love the plain cheese, while Alan gets the all meat combo. I could get addicted to their pizza really easy, I think I will be saving it for date night. The movie must have been fun, because I checked my blood glucose level just before I ate, and it was 96! Woo Hoo. And the pizza must have been good because my after dinner reading was 101! Go date night!

After dinner, Alan suggested we walk across the parking lot to Old Navy. I have been needing some new clothes, and so has he. I LOVE Old Navy. I like casual comfy clothes, and their stuff is just that. Comfortable. I picked out a few things for autumn. A black skirt, and a cropped sweater with silver threading. I also bought a brown cropped cardigan, and two silver threaded t-shirts. I am going back tomorrow to hopefully get a trench coat, if they still have one in my size. It was gorgeous, but I wanted to think it over a bit. I still need some camisoles and a couple more skirts and blouses, so I might pick some up this week. I also need a new pair of dress heels. I love skirts, but somehow I seem to live in my jeans and shorts in the summer. It's time to update the wardrobe for autumn and winter to be sure! I love it when Alan comes along to help me pick out clothes, he has better taste then I do! Besides, he has to see me in it. LOL.

We had a good time the other night, I think we will be doing that again soon. :)

So tell me, do you still date your spouse? Where do you like to shop? Do you enjoy picking out clothes, or do you think of it as a necessary evil? What's your favorite store? Will you be doing some wardrobe updating soon? What movie release are you most looking forward to? What's your favorite pizza topping? Let's get to know each other better... tell me everything?

"Regal Cinema Hacienda Crossing"
Dublin, California
July 18th, 2008
Early Evening


Suzanne R said...

I have been an internet shopper except for when I go out to the coast, and then there are little coastal stores that have clothes I like in them.

Thanks for visiting my new blog. I wonder if you were able to see today's entry? I'm not sure that they flow one right after the other. I agreed with what you said!

Mike said...

We don't get to date as much as we'd like.

I'm a guy, so no, I don't like shopping for clothes. I try to avoid it my asking for clothes for Christmas and birthday. :) I like cheese pizza, but will have pepperoni on occasion.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a blast!cool!