Monday, June 30, 2008

Weekend Assignment #222: Phone Me

"If the phone doesn't ring... it's me."

-Song Title By Jimmy Buffet

Weekend Assignment #222: What do you use a phone for? Do you strictkly use it to make calls and pick up messages, or do you take advantage of other technology bundled with phones these days? Which features do you use all the time, which others would you use if they were available and cheap, and which would you not bother with even if they were free?

Extra Credit: Do you use your land line to make and receive calls from friends or family?

-Karen Funk Blocher, of the blog, Outpost Mavarin

Well, yesterday, when I woke up, I found a pretty gold bag on my desk that said Godiva on the side, and had a little hand written card next to it that read, "Don't open until I get home." You see, it was my birthday, and Alan had a surprise in store for me. He bought me a brand spanking new cell phone. It is a Sony Ericsson Walkman, model #5801... in pink. And to go with it, he bought me a cute little purse and some cables for charging it in the car, and to play my music play list through my car stereo.

He knows I have been wanting a new phone for a while now, and with the new law regarding using only hands free devices in cars beginning on Tuesday, he thought it might be a good time for us to do some upgrading. He got a new phone, and a blue tooth device also. He and I LIVE on our phones. I text with my pal H.P. all the time, and I use the picture and video options often as well. Not to mention using the reminder feature and mobile email. This new model has a great fitness application in edition to the little built-in MP3 player, so I can keep track of my steps and calories burned as I walk or bike. It's just an awesome little phone! And did I mention it's pink? :)

So, to answer Karen's question... I use every feature on my phone, but most often I use the email, text messaging and the photo features. As for my land line, I would have it disconnected all together if I wasn't on dial-up. I tried to get AT&T High Speed about a year ago, but they told me, at that time, I was living on the wrong side of the street! Sheesh. I am always the girl from the wrong side of the tracks! LOL. Maybe someday they will run a line on my side of the street, and then I can make the big move to High Speed, until then, I am way back here on the, slow as molasses, elderly dinosaur dial-up. :(

Extra Credit: Nope, never use it for anything but dial-up. I haven't spoken on my home phone since 2002.

"I like my new telephone, my computer works just fine, my calculator is perfect, but Lord I miss my mind."


PS: Oh yeah, I almost forgot, there were also two candy bars in the bag. A Godiva Sugar-Free Milk Chocolate, and a Chocolate Raspberry Dark Chocolate bar. YUM!

"Elvis On The Phone"
Berkeley, California
June 29th, 2008
Late Afternoon


Martha said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Carly! Sounds like it was a perfect one! :-)

Florinda said...

OK, now I'm envious of your new phone :-)! It sounds like you'll make excellent use of it.

Dial-up? Seriously? Have you considered a cable modem as opposed to DSL - would that be easier to get? (I don't work for a cable provider, so I have no stake in this, by the way.)

Hope you enjoyed your birthday, and will enjoy your gift for a long time to come!

Suzanne R said...

The Godiva chocolates sound perfect!

I'm not into cell phones yet. I have one but it lies in my purse, waiting for an emergency. I have used it once -- long story -- and in a way it was an emergency, or at least a definite need, so I'm glad it was charged at the time! LOL!

Mike said...

That phone does a lot of things! Sounds like it's the perfect color for you. :)

Dial-up? I didn't think you could get that anymore? :) You should go wireless and see if you can steal from neighbor.

Karen Funk Blocher said...

What a great birthday present! Enjoy!