Thursday, May 01, 2008

Steven's Feline And Furball Friday: Caring For Elvis

"The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don't want, drink what you don't like, and do what you'd rather not."

-Mark Twain

Thank goodness times have changed! LOL. It's not as difficult as it used to be. Take having diabetes for example. There are new insights and products coming along for we humans everyday. I was diagnosed with Type2 diabetes just last year, but from what I understand it I had been diagnosed even 5 years ago, my daily maintenance would have been much more difficult. Just the invention of the newer blood glucose meters that make checking my blood sugar throughout the day, is a big relief. I have read, that in the past, folks would stop checking their glucose readings, because of how painful it was. I can't really complain about that, I mean my fingers get tender and it isn't my favorite thing in the world to do, but I also know who lucky I am to have been diagnosed early on in my diabetes, and to have these wonderful new products and resources available to me. A lot is being done for we humans, I just wish more was being done for our furry friends as well.

Just like with myself, I didn't pay too much attention to the possibility of Elvis developing diabetes. Who wants to think about such things, until faced with it. Fortunately there is some course of action once your kitty is diagnosed. We immediately put Elvis on Petsulin, and a diet that was rich in carbohydrates. We began using Diabetic Management by Purina. He did pretty well on that. He didn't care much for the flavor, which made me a little sad, but he didn't fuss too much. He seemed to understand. I was diagnosed with diabetes just three months after he was. Elvis and I put our heads together, and decided to move forward together. We would just share that darned old diabetes... and kick it's butt. LOL. To a big extent, I am successful with my diabetes because of him. I decided that I wouldn't eat anything that would make him ashamed of me. If he had to be strong, how could I look him in the eye and not be strong as well?

Now Elvis has Feline Lymphoma. There is no cure. But, there is plenty of things I can do for my boy, besides sit around and cry. As an alternative to putting him on the chemotherapy, we have decided to start with a steroid injection every three weeks or so. Like with chemo, there is no guarantee's, but according to Dr. B, there has been a measure of success. Again, it won't cure his cancer, it merely shrinks the tumors and eases the discomfort of having them in his nose. He is happy, he is eating well, he is playing, and we have some serious cuddle time. He just got his first shot this past Tuesday, and it is a little soon to know how it is doing, but I think we are ok for now. I wish we could have afforded the chemo right off, I know that is his best chance, but the simple truth is, we can't. Sigh. That is the hardest part, but I am not letting that distract me from doing all that I can otherwise.

So, I am going to develop some nutritious and vitamin delicious recipes for my boy. I want to make his food, so that I am not giving him all the bad ingredients that are in store bought cat food. We learned about what canned cat food does to kitties, when Elvis developed some serious digestive troubles about ten years ago. As I have mentioned many times before, Elvis and I love to cook, and I have a little chef's hat for him. Beginning next week, we will be developing new recipes together. It will be a bonding thing for us. Hey, I have had to come up with recipes for my ever changing lifestyle, why not for my boy? There is a lot to be hopeful about, and that helps both of us deal with this time a lot easier. Attitude is everything when it comes to illness, and CATTITUDE is as well! :)

If you have a great cat or dog, you should consider playing along with my friend Steven's Feline and Furball Friday, which can be found at his blog, sometimes photoblog. It's FUN!

Elvis and his friend Nurse Mary
April 29, 2008


MyMaracas said...

Looks like Elvis is in good hands, and that you're bringing your usual can-do attitude to the situation. Hang in there, girl.

Martha said...

I'm glad Elvis is in good spirits and glad to hear there are some things that can be done to help him. You are such a great mama to him. Love and hugs to both of you.

Theresa said...

Cattitude is a great thing to have! My prayers are with your great friend Elvis, and both his people. I just wish I had something better to say, but it has taken me a week to come up with even this. The feline's and furballs from this house are sending as many healing vibes as we can.
Hugs to all of you!

Carly said...


Thanks to you guys. Theresa, you said the exact perfect thing. This is a tough thing, so to have some support and some good wishes for my boy makes me feel very good inside. It's just nice knowing there are so many good wishes for us. It gives us strength.