Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Steven's Feline And Furball Friday: Elvis Update

"The cat has too much spirit to have no heart."

-Ernest Menaul

The business end of the cat you see here is Elvis, who had had enough of me at this point. We had a long day of grooming, and fussing about eating, followed by some gardening time, play time, and finally nap time. LOL. We have been together almost constantly lately. He has been following me around the house, and when I don't see him for a few minutes, I go looking for him! He has been really patient with his new special needs, like medicine that smells like bubblegum being forced on him, but sometimes he just needs to be on his own. I can almost hear him say, "Mommy, I need my ME time." Seriously, we need to stop worrying about each other already! He sees Dr. B later today, and we will know more then, but until then we are just enjoying our time, with lots of love, lots of kisses and lots of fuzzy smiles.

Elvis in his "Fortress of Solitude" under the blue wheelbarrow.

Elvis and I Feeling Fuzzy

It's fun playing Steven's Feline and Furball Friday! Friday is the day for pets. Stop by his blog for all the details!

"The Business End Of Elvis"
Berkeley, California
May 5th, 2008


DesLily said...

awww, that's m'boy! but he's a "pumpkin" not a furrball LOL

Suzanne R said...

What a cute picture of you with Elvis! The best of wishes from me and purrs from my kitties!


Mike said...

Why can't people medicine smell like bubblegum?! Hope all goes well at the vet.

Martha said...

Love the photos! :-)

Please let us know how it went at Dr. B's as sson as possible!