Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Lost Weekend

"Weekends don't count, unless you do something completely useless."

-Bill Watterson

It's Sunday afternoon, and I am exhausted. It's a good kind of exhausted none the less. Alan and I had a long weekend together, filled with some much needed fun and diversion from all the seriousness we have been going through lately. Next week will be bringing us some reality that I would rather not deal with now, so I am going to live in the moments the next few hours of the weekend, and then get on with things when Monday get here. Enough of that for now, let's see what Alan and Carly have been up to, shall we?

I have been telling Alan that we need to come up with a name for this holiday weekend. Oh, I know that traditionally, most folks know the second week in May as Mother's Day weekend. A wonderful holiday that celebrates that special woman who gave us life. Fair enough. I lost my mother years ago, and Alan's mother lives clear across the U.S.,but you know us, we will find a reason to celebrate, so we have chosen to celebrate the lessor known local holiday of Parade Day.

Parade Day, refers to the second Saturday in May each year, when the Rowell Ranch Rodeo Parade takes place. Horses, clowns, floats, balloons, and hometown spirit. Yeah, it's a bit cheesy, but it's fun, and it is one of Alan's favorite things to do. Heck, where else can you see state senators walking alongside giant bears and men dressed up as Oakland Raiders? Why at the parade of course, and that isn't even where all the fun begins! It all begins at the Chili Cook-off the night on Friday night! So I guess that is where my lost weekend actually started.

Chili With Fixins

Hillbilly Chillee

Cups of chili, cowboys, a live country band, a hayride, and good eats... fun! We bought enough tickets for fourteen chili tastes. I found my favorite after just the second one. It was called Hillbilly Chillee. It was yummy. Not too hot, but it did have just a little kick to it... enough to be nothing short of delicious. :) The worst part is knowing that I may not ever get to taste that particular recipe again. Sigh. It will be a few more days before I know if they won the contest, my fingers are crossed for them! Alan's vote went to the chili prepared by Frank Bonetti Plumbing. It was pretty tasty as well. Honestly, it was a close second in my book!

Handsome Alameda County Firemen

14 cups of Chili

Alan and I got home fairly early, but then decided to watch the Omen and the Omen II on AMC, followed by Earth vs. The Spider, also on AMC. It was pretty cool to cuddle up and watch some favorite movies, especially with Elvis right next to us. He is a lot of fun to watch movies with. :) I feel asleep before the end of the spider movie, but I slept really well that night, until Elvis woke me around 3:30 for his breakfast. It made me smile to wake up to those soft little paw pads on my face. :)

Then it was off to the parade, I will let pictures show you what we saw...

Miss Alameda County, 2008

A Happy Clown

A Happy Doggy

Miss Rowell Ranch Rodeo 2008

The Castro Valley High Marching Band

San Francisco By Night

Later in the evening, on Saturday, we were off to Treasure Island, to photograph the fireworks from KFOG's annual Kaboom concert. We grabbed a pizza, with a skinny crust of course, and headed to the island. We got a good parking place, and ate our pizza, as we waited for the fireworks to begin at 9:00 PM. Unfortunately, we were just a little too far around the corner from where the barge with the fireworks was sitting in the bay, and all we really saw was half fireworks and the bridge lighting up from the glare of the lights. LOL. Not my best Kaboom year, but at least I now know where the best vantage points are around the bay. It will be either the Marin Headlands, the vista, or Twin Peaks from now on. Live and Learn.

Better Luck Next Year I Suppose!

It was a great weekend, fireworks defeat and all. Now it is Sunday afternoon, Alan is napping so he can work the late shift tonight, Elvis is asleep under the desk where I am typing, and in a few minutes, I am going outside to plant some Stock. I am tired, but it is a good kind of tired to be sure! The weather is supposed to be warming up next week, and that will be good for my sore muscles. There is plenty to look forward to. If nothing else, the sunshine will make me happy.

"The Belle And The Bridge"
Treasure Island
May 10th, 2008
Early Evening


MyMaracas said...

It looks like you had a terrific day, full of sun and fun. Thanks for stopping by, and for your sweet comments!


fdtate said...

"Cups of chili, cowboys, a live country band, a hayride, and good eats" plus pizza and fireworks. Sounds like a great weekend.

Mike said...

Wow! You were busy this weekend. Looks like a lot of fun. You had great weather, too. Sunday here consisted of mid 40's with rain and winds strong enough to knock you over. A perfect day to stay in bed. :)

Martha said...

I'll tell you, those state senators walking alongside giant bears and men dressed up as Oakland Raiders is right where most politicians belong!

Sounds like you had a great time! :-)

I won't be around much the rest of this month, if at all, just life getting in the way, nothing serious -- Have a marvelous May!

Karen Funk Blocher said...

I'm glad you had a good time. You deserve it! I like the angle on that fireworks shot; ot makes it really different and interesting. And Miss Alameda County reminds me of you!