Sunday, May 18, 2008

Martha's A-Z Photo Challenge: E Is For "Eclipse" And Egrets"

"It's only during an eclipse that the man in the moon has a place in the sun."


Time for the letter "E" to have it's moment! I usually only post one reference to the letter we are currently playing, but I couldn't resist showing off my two favorite "E" words. Eclipse and Egret. The egret is my favorite bird, and I love photographing the moon during an eclipse, so how was I to choose? This eclipse is from last August. It was so much fun to cuddle up with Elvis, and the opossums and my trusty tripod, to watch the show in the sky. It was a clear, hot night, and my imagination was running completely wild with memories and notions. I can't wait for the next one!

As for the egret photos, well, that was a delightful afternoon in autumn of 2006. I found a lovely little pond with leaves of every imaginable color floating in it, and among them was this beautiful snowy egret. These birds are amazing to photograph. At first they seem a little awkward and silly, with those bright yellow feet of theirs, and then all of a sudden, you see one take flight, and you know in an instant, you have just seen an angel. Grace and beauty describe them best I think. Yes, grace and beauty.

First the ECLIPSE of the August moon...

And now the Snowy EGRET...

"Gracefulness has been defined to be the outward expression of the inward harmony of the soul."

-William Hazlitt

Why don't you join me for Martha's A-Z Photo Challenge? You can find all the links for the letter "D" by visiting here.

"Dancing with the Moon"
Berkeley, California
August 28th, 2007
Early Morning


Liz said...

Hi Carly! Just love those eclipse pictures...very cool! And "The Owl & the Pussycat" is 1 of my favorite poems!

I'm finally back in the swing of things here...sorry I haven't commented in a long while. Hope Elvis is doing OK!

~~Aunt Nub~~

Martha said...

Beautiful shots and perfect as always Carly! I'm so glad you have been playing along on the A-Z challenge. I always look forward to your entries :-)

Maria said...

Hi! I love those Eclipse photos and the poem was well chosen. I too chose an egret for this challenge.....Nicely done. Maria

Anonymous said...

I love your E entries. I wish we had egrets closer here.


Gina said...

displayed with such perfect eeeeez. :) love the eclipse photos. wonderful capture, as always. my 'es' were egrets, too.