Sunday, April 20, 2008

Karen's Weekend Assignment #212: Celebrate Poetry Month

"Poetry is when an emotion has found the thought and the thought has found words."

-Robert Frost

Weekend Assignment #212: It's National Poetry Month in the United States, but poetry itself is a worldwide phenomenon, existing in many styles. Lets celebrate the form. How? By writing a poem of course! It can be silly or serious, haiku, limerick, rhymed verse, blank verse, free verse, two lines long, or fifty, or anything in between. All I ask is that it be a new, original poem, not something you wrote in high school and trot out occasionally.

Extra Credit: Do you have a favorite poet?

-Karen Funk Blocher, of the blog, Outpost Mavarin

I looked through my archives to find some photographs to go with my poems. I like using the two together when at all possible. I think I like what I came up with. :)

New Hope (Haiku)

Alone With The Sea
The Day Slips Into A Dream
A Night Light Brings Hope

Seaside Flowers (Haiku)

Golden Flowers Bloom
As Painted Watercolors
On My Mind's Canvas

Spice Drops (Haiku)

Leaves Of Autumn Spice
Sweetly Brushes The Cool Earth
Cinnamon And Clove

Four Seasons (Haiku)

She Moves Through Seasons
Winter Spring Summer and Autumn
Now Showing Her Age

Pop! (Haiku)

Big Bubblegum Walls
Different Colors And Tastes
It's Art For Art's Sake

Extra Credit: I really love poetry, but I don't know if I have an absolute favorite. If I had to choose, I suppose I would go with John Keats, but I also enjoy Dr. Maya Angelou and Emily Dickinson.

Pigeon Point Lighthouse
Pescadero, California
October, 2007
Late Afternoon


Mike said...

Now those are nice. The pictures work really well with the words. You defintely understand poetry; unlike myself. .

Anonymous said...

Hi! I saw you visited my blog - thank you! And I wanted to pay back the compliment. What beautiful photographs you have here. Who says we don't get seasons in California?


MyMaracas said...

Beautifully done. The poems are lovely and the photos suit them so well. Of course, the ones about fall are my favorites.


Karen Funk Blocher said...

Oh, these are wonderful! My favorites are New Hope and Four Seasons, but really, they're all excellent, and perfectly illustrated.

IndigoSunMoon said...

Emily Dickenson for sure. I could read her poetry for days...

lisa marie said...

Oh I lvoe the lighthouse but I love the Autumn leaves too! Beautiful as always!

Kiva said...

You take wonderful photos and those haikus were perfect foils for them. The lighthouse and the nature photos are gorgeous, but I vote for Pop!