Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Your Monday Photo Shoot On Tuesday: Odd Man Out

"It's a very odd thing, as odd as odd can be, that whatever Miss T eats, turns into Miss T."

-Walter de La Mare

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Give us a picture of many things alike - and one thing not. If you're of a certain age (i.e., my age), you'll remember the song from Seasme Street that went "one of these things is not like the others..." This is a picture version of that. Could be as simple as three cups and a dish, or six cars and a bicycle, or a bunch of young kids with an elderly person. You get the idea.

-John Scalzi, of the blog, By The Way

Yep, I do get the idea. When I was visiting the Dahlia garden in Golden Gate Park, this past summer and autumn, there was ample opportunity in front of me to get just such a photo. There is an amazing amount of varieties of dahlias in the garden, and in every color imaginable, so I tried to photograph two different ones together when I could. As I looked through my archives this evening, this photo really popped out at me. I had passed it by for an earlier posting because of how different the colors were, but it fits this entry quite nicely. :) That was the only red dahlia plant, in an otherwise sea of light purple/white dahlias. Pretty, isn't it? :)

"Not Like The Others"
Dahlia Garden
Golden Gate Park
San Francisco, California
August 29, 2007
Late Afternoon


Anonymous said...

Very pretty picture Carly. Thank you for sharing.

MariesImages said...

Beautiful image, perfect for the challenge..Ü

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