Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Missing John Ritter (9/17/48 - 9/11/03)

"It's hard enough to write a good drama, it's much harder to write a good comedy, and it's hardest of all to write a drama with comedy, which is what life is."

-Jack Lemmon

Sometimes I wonder if a certain day on the calendar can actually be cursed. John Ritter passed away on September 11th, 2003, and I still miss him terribly. I mourn his loss, but I also think of him fondly for some very personal reasons, but most importantly for the gift of humor that he shared so freely. I love the YouTube montage above, it is Ritter at his comedic best. Watch the video and laugh, it is good for the soul, and it is a gift that shouldn't be taken for granted. Humor is the gift that heals us. Thanks again, John. :)


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DesLily said...

hi carly.. You got that right! humor sure is a helpful cure! As they say "can't hurt, might help"!

sorry I haven't commented a lot lately..haven't been up to par for some weeks. Hoping that will change soon.