Saturday, June 09, 2007

In A Blatent Attempt To Ignore The News...

"The proliferation of icons really happened about the time of television in the 50's. They're an important part of pop culture and really reflect our social and cultural history."

-Ileen Gallagher

I read the news today... oh boy. Bush is determined to veto any stem cell research bill, because of his deep regard for life. Paris Hilton is being used in a political war between a judge and a sheriff. We passed the milestone of over 3500 soldiers killed in Iraq. There were reports of bad ground beef... again. A small child accidentally killed himself today in Oakland, after someone left a loaded gun within his reach. A preacher's wife, was sentenced in the slaying death of her husband, to 3 years, she could be out in just 2 months for time served and "good behavior."

My whole life I have heard, "If you can't say anything nice, say nothing at all."


Excuse me while I escape into a moment of classic TV. {{{Weep}}}


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Steven said...

Not to mention the chairman of the Joint Chiefs announced he was leaving.