Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tell Barbara Walters I Am On My Way...

"New York: the only city where people make radio requests like, "This is for Tine - Sorry I stabbed you."

-Carol Leifer

Hey, good news, it seems all of you, my wacky fans, voted for me to replace the outgoing Rosie O' Donnell, as co-host, and moderator of The View! And not just by a little margin, nope, 38%! LOL. You can view all the details by visiting my poll results blog right here. Jeepers, I have a lot of packing to do, if I am going to make my flight. What to take? What to take?

Actually, as nifty as I think it would be to join The View, I don't think Elvis would look to keenly on me being a bi-coastal mommy. Also, I would probably miss the hunky hubby a bit, so regretfully, I must send my letter of nonacceptance, or is it a letter of denial? Hmmm... anyway... my letter of NOPE, to Barbara Walters. The show will simply have to go on without me. But wouldn't it have been strange? I mean seeing me every day, sitting there at the head of the table? Moderating and stuff? Weird. Wouldn't you just have to pinch yourself and say, "Hey look... that's Carly! She's on The View! She looks taller in person!" LOL. Yeah, that would be nice, in that my feet don't usually reach the floor when I sit in most chairs, can you imagine me sitting on the set of The View, with my feet dangling below my chair? Yep... that's a nice mental picture all right.

Whoever they choose in the following weeks, they will certainly have their hands full. Do you suppose they will talk about what The View has gone through since Meredith Vieira and Star Jones exited? I mean they discuss HOT TOPICS, and right now that little/large disagreement that Rosie and Elizabeth engaged in, does seem to be alive and well and living in the media. Sigh. Still, it all seems so sad to me. Rosie continues to share her feelings by way of her blog, but it seems Elizabeth Hasselbeck has chosen to keep mum. It's probably just as well to say nothing, maybe that way they can all move on. Let's hope so.

It was strange and uncomfortable watching The View Monday morning. It was a previously taped episode, and everyone looked like friends. Yesterday was Elizabeth's birthday, and Rosie, as a present, gave her the use of her Miami home for two weeks. It's too bad things couldn't have been different. As for who might be a good candidate to replace Rosie, I think it will come down to either Sherri Shepherd, or Kathy Griffin. Both are strong, opinionated ladies, who fear very little. Shepard was co-hosting when some of the most controversial shows happened to air, and she seemed to handle them well. Griffin has already had a slight run-in with Walters, and managed to resolve it amicably. I am sure that is probably an attractive prospect at the moment. I guess we will all have to stay tuned!

Well, with the old poll "Who Should Replace Rosie O' Donnell On The View" now closed, it's time to move on to a new poll on Ellipsis. "Which Fast Food Restaurant Makes The Best Hamburgers?" Be sure to visit my sidebar to cast your vote. The month of May is National Hamburger month, did you celebrate the occasion? :)


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Suzanne R said...

I have been getting most of my information about The View from your blog, Carly, as I don't watch the show since I can't stand conflict -- it makes me physically ill (I grew up around too much of it). As it doesn't bother you, I say "go for it"; be the new co-host! ;-)

Not to be difficult about the hamburger thing, too, I don't know which of your listed hamburger places I like best because around here, we have a neat little hamburger chain called Burgerville and it's my very absolute favorite! None of the other hamburger places I've tried come close to their cheeseburgers (my fav)!