Sunday, April 29, 2007

Steven's Feline Friday: Happy Birthday Elvis!

"Inside every older person, is a younger person wondering what happened."

- Jennifer Yane

Elvis's 10th birthday party... finally! :) A day late, but that's okay. We had such a good time with our little boy! He knew the day was for him, and he was a sweetie. On his best behavior, and snuggly. It was just the three of us, his pal Sebastiani couldn't make it, seems he was in a little tiff with the new neighbor cat, but we had a good time. We played with a laser light, and we opened presents. A new brown bear, a new fork and spoon set, and a jar of baby food. Beef in Beef Gravy by Gerber. After the presents, came the pie, and then we played a little more, before releasing the "wish balloons" for their flight up in the sky to the moon. Legend goes, it they actually reach the moon, or if they are found by a friend, the wish you make on them comes true. :) One balloon for Elvis, one balloon for Alan, one for me, and one for our family. I have had more than one wish made on a wish balloon come true. :) I'm a believer!

YUM! Lemon Supreme Pie!

New Bear, Yummy Pie, and SpongeBob Balloon

Alan, Carly and Elvis... spending lots of time in the garden. :)

Sending the wish balloon off to the moon! Silly... but it's our tradition. We have made a million or so wishes over the years. :) Sometimes they come true in the best of ways!

If you have a kitty in your life that you want to share, pop over to my friend Steven's blog, (sometimes) photoblog, to get all the details. :)

"Happy 10th Birthday Elvis"
Berkeley, California
April 28th, 2007
Early Evening


DesLily said...

gawd i love Elvis.. he is so good to you letting you fuss over him!!

HB Elvis!! *chin tickles*

Steven said...

Happy birthday Elvis from Me and the Pickle cat! Laser light fun is always a cat favorite.

sunflowerkat said...

OMG....just look at Elvis. There's a cat that knows how to party!
I can hardly believe it's his birthday again...I think this is the third Elvis birtday that you've shared with us.


Anonymous said...

Oh how I love this! my family used to make a huge deal about my poodle...growing up. (ok, maybe not as big as THIS...but big).

Love the balloon tradition...


Cuidado said...

Oh what a good kittiy to let you pur a hat on him.

Anonymous said...

What a very good boy he was!
Happy Birthday! And what a good idea--baby food!