Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Jackass Walks Into The Presidency With A Duck On His Head...

"The only real diplomacy ever performed by a diplomat, is in deceiving their own people after their dumbness has got them into a war."

-Will Rogers

Anyone else remember when the Commander-in -Chief was the one who actually ran the war? I have got to stop reading AOL news before I go to bed, because really, no good could come of it. What the HELL is Bush up to now? Is he looking for another buffer so he can say that the next disaster of policy in Iraq is not his fault? He wants to create yet another made up position. And not just any made up position, he wants a "War Czar." "A War Czar?" I would laugh my ass off, if it wasn't so damn scary, and so damn sad for our troops. You know, I once asked a question, which I thought was an honest one, which was, 'why didn't Bush's parents get him him a tutor, in that he was a "C" student?'

No one has been able to give me an answer to that question, because no one really knows what the deal really was with the current President Bush's education. Bush himself admits he had to knock on some doors to go as far with his education as he did. So, I have been thinking, considering every lame ass excuse, and decision that comes out of the White House these days, I have to wonder if maybe we shouldn't all chip in an extra... oh say... $1.00 on our tax returns, and get our little George a tutor, to help him in his service as our president. After all we are stuck with him for another 648 days, unless someone, somewhere, grows a backbone and actually pushes for impeachment.

But say for the sake of argument we did get him a tutor, we would need someone who can teach him how to lead, read reports, engage in diplomacy, and take responsibility for his actions, or rather his lack of action, like a man. Someone who will help him learn that lying is wrong. Someone who can teach him the courage to admit a mistake when he has made one, and that you don't keep digging, when you have found you're in too deep. A good history lesson and some flag etiquette wouldn't hurt. I wonder, is there such a teacher? If there was, I would be the first to chip in that dollar, because I am just really tired of him not actually learning anything, despite his creation of an "Office of Lessons Learned." Then again, how can he learn anything, when he gets others to do his homework. Sigh. No teacher in the world, can teach a pupil who refuses to learn. :(

-White House Considers Naming War Czar

-ABC News Exclusive: Pentagon To Extend Service For All Soldiers In Iraq And Afghanistan

So tell me, do you think America needs a War Czar? Would such a position give you more confidence in policies regarding the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?


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Anonymous said...

I thought we already had a war czar... name Bush. Maybe Georgie is just trying to find a job for his Bro Jeb until HE can take a shot at the presidential dynasty. I'm not sure if even Aristotle or Plato would take on this pupil. Maybe Attila or Kahn could teach him a thingy or four.

Nice to read your stuff again. Been too long. Too much chit going on... but in the grand scheme of things pretty small change stuff.

Hope Elvis has a wunerful Bday.
Be well. Laugh often. Play hard.

PS If I can remember how to add photos to my dang journal again I'd like to try the Round Robin Anniv... I'm back at AOL for now because my Blogspot place has been so neglected I can't remember how to access it. Pitiful yeah... but I can only handle so many changes.