Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Your Monday Photo Shoot: The Eyes Have It!

"The eyes see a thing more clearly in dreams, than the imagination awake."

-Leonardo da Vinci

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Get a really, really, really, close shot of someone's eyes. Try not to use the flash. Or, you know, poke them with the camera. Some judicious cropping will do the job too.

-John Scalzi

It's kinda cool that Blogfather John Scalzi decided to devote the Monday Photo Shoot to the eyes, because I had my annual eye examine yesterday, so I happen to have a few photos available for the shoot. As you can see, I have green eyes, out of curiosity, what color are your eyes?

My Left Eye... See, I Have Green Eyes

A Digital Retinal Scan Of My Left Eye

Spooky Unnamed Eye Doctor's Machine-A-Ma-Gig

"Real Me"
Berkeley, California
Late Spring, 2006


Linda (Lou) said...

Great retinal scan! Love it. My eyes are also green. Nice LDV quote, too. I love LDV!

John Darrow said...

Ha! Great variety. Cracked me up that you could have a "Retinal Scan" tag. Build that collection!

GLendaRs said...

Last week I broke my glasses right in half so I too have to have an eye exam of my beautiful green eyes so that I can get a new prescription. I am thinking of trying contacts this time around, but because I have bi-focals that might not be possible.

Karen Funk Blocher said...

That retinal scan is beautiful and mysterious.

Penny Perez said...

Interesting pictures, especially the top one. I always wanted green eyes, but mine are brown - almost exactly like my son John's. Blessings, Penny