Saturday, February 24, 2007

Oscar Time, A New Poll, And Thee...

"At least when Ronald Reagan rode off in the movies, into the sunset, he didn't take us with him."

-Walter Mondale

The Academy Awards is on tomorrow night (Sunday) do you know where your Black Tie attire is? LOL. Gosh I miss June's Oscar night parties sometimes. I guess sometimes I just still miss June. If you aren't sure who June is, she was a dear friend of mine who passed away a couple years ago. She was a snazzy lady, not perfect mind you, but she was funny, sharp as a tack, opinionated, compassionate, a pain in the butt, and the closest thing to a real mom I ever had. She was more of a mom to me then my real mother was. Sigh. Mostly she was my friend. If she were here, watching me miss her this much, she would tell me, "Oh Pook...snap out of it... go enjoy life." Ok June, I hear ya... :)

So, tell me, are you going to watch the Academy Awards this year? I think I will. I haven't seen many of the movies that were nominated, but I am thrilled to see Ellen DeGeneres on-board as host. She is so sweet, and so funny, and I think I will enjoy seeing someone with a lighter touch as host. I didn't particularly care for Jon Stewart last year, somehow he just didn't seem to have the timing down. LOL. Listen to me go on... almost like June and I are discussing the ins and outs of Oscar night, like we did for so many years. Sigh. Well, while I won't be putting on an evening gown and my best gorgeous shoes this year, I will still probably make something yummy to snack on, while I watch the show. If June were here, she would say, "It's a must."

In honor of the Academy Awards, I have placed a new Ellipsis Poll on the sidebar. Go take the poll. All of the movies listed are among my favorites, and I tried to put in a nice variety for you to choose from. You can view the results of last month's Ellipsis Poll here. Thanks everyone for the amazing response. It seems we all enjoy a good romantic song from time to time.

So tell me, what are your choices for this year's awards in the top categories?

Best Actor - Leonardo DiCaprio - "Blood Diamonds"
Best Actress - Helen Mirren - "The Queen"
Best Picture - "The Queen"
Best Song- "I Need To Wake Up" from "An Inconvenient Truth"
Best Supporting Actor - Mark Wahlberg - "The Departed"
Best Supporting Actress - Jennifer Hudson - "Dream Girls"
Best Director - Clint Eastwood - "Letters From Iwo Jima"

Berkeley, California
January 30, 2007

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Robbie said...

Honestly, I don't care for awards shows. I find them incredibly boring. Kind of like me inviting America to view my yearly employee reviews. Yawnsville!

I'm really hating the Oscars though because they are right in my backyard practically and make getting to and fro to work a real nuisance. They started shutting streets down on Tuesday. It really creates quite the headache. Erggg!

But, enjoy!!! Now that I know Ellen is hosting I might just have to pop in and catch a minute or two. She was hilarious that one time I saw her do it before. Hahahaha. :-)