Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Round Robin Challenge: Magic

"That's the thing about magic, you have to believe it is still here, all around us, or it just stays invisible for you."

-Charles de Lint

For our first Round Robin Challenge of 2007, Steve, author of the journal, "Paparrazi By Proxy," has chosen "Magic" for our challenge. I thought this might be easy, because there is really so much magic everywhere. In the sunlight when it illuminates the dew drops on flowers on a crisp January morning, or even in the silliness of a Magic 8 Ball. I thought about going with that idea, but then I thought it might be nice to go with something of magic from my childhood, the "magic' Snickers bar.

When I was a little girl, my father had a special magic trick he would play, a few times a year, but almost always on my birthday. He would make Snickers candy bars appear out of nowhere... as if by magic. There was this whole big production involved, here is how it worked. First, I had to say, "I believe in magic." Then, he would have me spin around and around with my eyes closed, then abracadabra... open my eyes, just as I came out of the last spin, and there would be the magic Snickers bar, which always seemed to be falling from the ceiling in slow motion. To this day I have no real idea how he did the trick, I assume having me spin around was a good diversion, but it was impressive to the little girl in me. :)

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"Magic Candy Bar"
Berkeley, California
January 10th, 2007
Late Evening


DesLily said...

that would have worked on me when i was little! lol... did he ever tell you how he did it?

Dorn said...

How cool. But there is more magic in the memory itself. I wonder if people really realize the impact a simple action can have on the imagination of a child, sometimes so strong that it carries on into adulthood? Wonderful, and very magical!

Linda (Lou) said...

I want to spin around and have Snickers bars fall from the ceiling in slow motion, too! What a delicious memory!

Karen Funk Blocher said...

What a great story! And I like the way the Snickers bar really stands out in the photo.

Anonymous said...

What a nice story :) It wouldn't have been as fun if an apple appeared :)

Mine's up too ...

Anonymous said...

Great story :-)
I think Snickers bars are magic myself.

Brad said...


So very nice. I love any celebration of chocolate and candy!


Nancy said...

Great entry, Carly! I love it...
Some magic is just that simple.