Friday, January 26, 2007

John Scalzi's Weekend Assignment #149: Ill-Advised Teenaged Fashions

Don't leave me this way
I can't survive, can't stay alive
Without your love, oh baby
Don't leave me this way

-Thelma Houston
"Don't Leave Me This Way"

Weekend Assignment #149: Reveal Your Teenage Fashion Disasters! Yes, whether it's big hair, Nehru jackets, acid-washed jeans or an ill-advised tattoo, let us know what about your style as a teenager you would change today.

Extra Credit: Are you kidding? Pictures baby!

-John Scalzi (By The Way)

Ut-OH! Oh NO! I was a teenager during the ugliest time for fashion in the history of fashion... the late 1970's. Uggggg. OK, well, I suppose I can admit that I was kinda like everyone else at the time. I followed the trends and got the "Farrah hair" and I wore those hideous paisley dresses, the huge platform shoes, I even owned one or two halter dresses. Yuck! It's so weird to think back to that time now. I wouldn't be caught dead in a pair of bell-bottoms, or gauchos, even if they are on the comeback. LOL. Can you believe the decade of the 1980's saw bigger hair then the "Farrah?" After my Farrah hair, I went back to wearing it long and straight, which is pretty much the way I wear it now, and I still like wearing peasant tops from time to time, otherwise I think I pretty much dress classic chic. No wacky colors, mostly earth tones. I make my own style now, but if you want to see what I would have worn to a party as a teenager... see my Yahoo icon on my sidebar. I let her wear the ugly dress. Tee Hee.

Here is a look at what things were like when I was about 17 or so. Gosh, it seems like yesterday, and yet, it seems like a million years ago as well. Sigh.

That 70's Movie "Saturday Night Fever"

That 70's dress. Back in style by the way!

That 70's hair style. "The Farrah"

Those 70's shoes.


Extra Credit: Happily, there is not a single photo of me between the ages of 10 and 28. :) It's almost like I didn't exist during that time. So, you will just have to observe the above photo and use your imagination. :)

"Real Me"
Berkeley, California
Summer 2006


GLendaRs said...

augh, the 70's ... Flag sweater shirts with zippers, maxi coats, knee high socks, moccassins with fringe, TIE DYE - which imho REEEAllYYYY needs to go away ... and ah ha ... HOT PANTS!!

What a Ball of Confusion we were. I did like peasant dresses though. And those handbags made of two pieces sewed together with a rope for a shoulder holder. lol.

Yeah, I'm with you too - I'm not too glad to see the 70's fashion statement resurfacing. Bell sleeves, gauchos, those multi colored wiggly zaggy print tops, UCK. phatooey. eeeeeeewwh!

And YES, I wore them and much to my dismay, the family does have pictures ... BUT, I will not post any.

Thanks for the memories.

Trish said...

Perhaps it's because I was part of the "bigger hair" era of the 80s that I so love the 70s styles you squirm about today. Bell-bottoms, feathered hair, floweres and platform shoes are the coolest!

How is it that there's not one photo of you in your youth?

I love the one at the beginning of this post! Rockin!


FreeThinker said...

Oh yeah, that Farrah poster did it for me in '77 ...