Monday, December 04, 2006

Yule Shoot Your Eyes Out! Fantasy Poll Results & A New Poll

"I have always felt that a gift diamond shine so much better than one you buy yourself."

-Mae West

Oh yes Mae, you are right! Tee Hee. Well, it seems that y'all chose the Victoria's Secret $6.5 Million Dollar Fantasy Bra, as your favorite holiday fantasy gift! WOW! What a shocker! :) You guys are wild! So in the spirit of things, here's my offer. If there are any millionaires who read my blog on a regular basis, do indeed purchase this bra, comeback here and tell me, and of course provide proof of the purchase, and I will model it right here on Ellipsis! Tee Hee. Although, I have to say, I would in no way look as good in it as model, Karolina Kurvoka does. ;)

All this about fantasy gifts for the holidays, got me to thinking about what I would actually ask Santa for this year. I have so much, there isn't much that I need. After putting some thought into it, there are a few off beat things that I wouldn't mind finding under the tree this year. Take for example, the following toys I found on All of them look like fun, but I know, I know, with a marshmallow shooter I could "shoot my eyes out." Of course, a diamond fantasy bra could make one go blind as well! ;) Tee Hee.

Einstein Action Figure

Einstein was such a hunk! I would have dated him. He was smart, he had a wild sense of humor... and I have said it before... look at that crazy hair! Who wouldn't want to run their fingers through that? Tee Hee. I would place him (the doll) on my desk, and hug him every day! :) I bet you didn't know I lusted after Einstein! ;)

Stuffed Microbes

A little on the wiggy side I suppose, but too cute all the same. Especially the Mad Cow microbe. I always wondered what THAT one looked like. :)

Marshmallow Shooter

I could love this one! Yes, I would definitely ask Santa for a marshmallow shooter. It reminds me of the days, also know as the 1990's, when I used to play laser tag with Alan. :) I miss playing laser tag, but marshmallow tag would be so yummy!

And look... we have a new poll on the sidebar. This month I thought I would address a little negativity surrounding the season, because lets face it, we all get a little stressed during this festive, yet, hectic time of year. For me, the worst part of it all is the holiday music. HATE IT! HATE IT! HATE IT! I love music, it's just Christmas music I hate. Alan, on the other hand, loves it. So, in an attempt to meet him half way, I have decided to purchase myself a holiday CD that we would both enjoy. It's only fair, he puts up with my choice of music all the time. :) In fact, many times he and I will find ourselves in great music debates. LOL.

So tell me, what is your least favorite part of the season? Take the new poll on my sidebar, and feel free to share your tales of holiday WOE in the comment thread for this entry. I will publish the results of this poll a little earlier then usual. This poll ends on December 30th. The results will be posted December 31st.

You can find the complete results of our last poll here. :)



Gaboatman said...

An Einstein festesh? Who whould have ever suspected, LOL! Good luck on getting one of those diamond bras.

I love Christmas music, but not the silly stuff. I really like some of the Christmas classics played in a jazz style.

Let's revive laser tag. It was a great game!

Nancy said...

LOL..Maybe out of all those faves you got, I would most enjoy the marshmallow shooter. Maybe one day, you and I will have the chance to have a "fight"!
As for the bra...I have one word...