Friday, November 10, 2006

What's Your Fantasy?

"Fantasies are more than substitutes for unpleasant reality; they are also dress rehearsals, and plans. All acts performed in the world, begin in the imagination."

-Barbara Grizzuti

When I was a little girl, a very little girl, I had grand ambitions for when I grew up. I didn't want to be a nurse, or a space cadet, or a lawyer, or even a politician. I wanted to be in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Ok, that's achievable right? Nope. See, I wanted to be a balloon in the parade. In that I was a mere kidling of 2 or 3, I had no idea one couldn't grow up to be a balloon. It seemed perfectly reasonable to me, and who doesn't want to float about once in a while? LOL. Oh to be that young again.

I don't remember if my heart was broken when I found out the awful truth, that fantasies sometimes don't come true, but I do remember how bad I wanted that dream. Why is it true that wanting something, is almost always better then having it? Is it the yearning that we actually want? The burning desire to have the unobtainable? What if a fantasy is obtainable? How long after we have our desire fullfilled would we lose interest? I suppose that depends on the object, person, or dream. Sometimes, a fantasy is more of a flight of fancy, then an actual wanting. There is a fantasy I have, and have had for a few years now, I want to own the Victoria's Secret Million Dollar Bra. The 2006 will do...

Victoria's Secret $6,500,000 Fantasy Bra 2006

I like wearing frilly, girly-girl things and this bra certainly qualifies. I like the idea of going to the supermarket, knowing I have on an 800 carat, one-of-a-kind bra under my clothes... and no one would know!Think of it, 2,000 diamonds across both breasts and on the straps, and a nifty little 10-carat broach right in the middle. Oooh-la-la! Model, Karolina Kurkova, says its, "very sexy and very comfortable, and doesn't dig in." :) Sounds good! Alan says if he bought it for me, I would just wear it on the outside of my clothes. Nope. I would just wear it! Tee Hee. Although, I bet it would be cold in winter. LOL.

It was all this thinking about fantasy gifts, that inspired the new poll on my sidebar. You can find the results of the last poll, "Songs We Like To Hear In Our Cars," here. The song you chose was, "Light My Fire," by The Doors. Now that song can inspire one to fantasize! I love that song, I can hear it in my mind right now. Oh Mr. Duchovny... I'll be waiting! :)

Don't forget to take this months poll, already on my sidebar. If you chose the last option, feel free to share what your personal fantasy gift is, in the comment thread for this entry.


Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra


DesLily said...

Hmmm I have to think on that one... but while I am thinking let me tell you that once my brother was in the Macy Parade and guess what? He was holding a rope to one of those big balloons!!!

not sure I have a fantasy gift in mind. unless it was a full time caregiver/ helper for my brother.. the present would be mine though because then I would begin to loose some of this stress!! Yeah I know it's awfully logical, but it is a "fantasy" since it will never happen... so I'm half way there!!

Suzanne R said...

My fantasy gift would have to be given to me by some multi-millionaire admirer, because I don't know who else could afford it! LOL! I would love to be given a custom-built home at the Oregon coast (away from the flood plains, very safely situated). I know that being given your own private island is very similar but it's just not the same! LOL!

Karen Funk Blocher said...

My fantasy is rooted in, well, fantasy. I want to vacation in Mâvarin! I'll also accept a time machine as a gift.