Friday, November 17, 2006

John Scalzi's Weekend Assignment #139: White Meat v. Dark Meat

"I hate turkeys. If you stand in the meat section at the grocery story long enough, you start to get mad at turkeys. There's turkey ham, turkey bacon, turkey bologna, turkey pastrami. Someone needs to tell turkey, man, just be yourself."

-Mitch Hedberg

Weekend Assignment #139: It's time for Thanksgiving dinner! Which do you prefer - white meat, or dark meat? Explain your answer. Because it seems that most people have a preference one way or the other and sometimes they can get testy about it.

For those of you who for some reason disdain the whole turkey scene, answering "neither" is acceptable, but you need to explain why and offer an alternative dish for consumption.

Extra Credit: Being Thanksgiving, note one thing you've been thankful for in 2006.

-John Scalzi

White turkey meat? Dark turkey meat? There was a day, not too long ago, when I would have passed on both choices for Thanksgiving. In fact, Alan and I rarely ate turkey at any time during the year, all because of a nasty bit of food poisoning we got on a lovely June day in 1987, while having a "Thanksgiving" meal at the home of my then boyfriend, "All American Guy." His mother was a wizzzzz in the kitchen. LOL. Come to find out, she poisoned all of his dates, so I didn't take it personally, but I have to tell you, I did learn a whole new respect for turkey after that!

A couple years ago, Alan and I decided to get over our mutual disdain for the turkey, and give it a try in an effort to have a proper Thanksgiving meal. It was the first time I had ever tried to make a turkey myself, so, I did some research, programmed the phone number to the Butterball Hotline into every phone in the house, got my nerve on, and roasted up a nice 12 lb. turkey that was, if I do say so myself, delicious. Particularly the white meat. Alan on the other hand, enjoyed the heck out of the dark meat. It's good that he and I have differences like that, no unnecessary food fights in front of Elvis, no telling him the drumsticks fell on the floor and then eating them when he isn't looking. Not that I would do that! LOL. Nope, he prefers dark meat and I prefer white meat, no fuss, no muss. :) As for Elvis, well his taste is simple... "It's all good!" :)

Note: I decided this year to program the number to the Butterball Hotline into the OnStar system in my car. One can never be too careful! :)

Extra Credit: I am thankful for so much, it's impossible to name just one thing, but to be honest, I think I am most thankful for my cat Elvis, who makes me laugh every day. He is my sunshine.

Butterball Hotline

"Gobble, Gobble, Gobble"
Berkeley, California
October, 2005


Linda (Lou) said...

White meat. I like the much more subtle flavor of it, and I like the texture so much better than dark, IF it's cooked well and not dried out. Lightly salted, dipped in gravy, it can't be beat! I live a ridiculously blessed life, but my big thanks for this year is for John and for the impact he has had in my life. And I, like you, am sooooo thankful for my cat, Mew Ling. She brings me joy on a constant basis, just by being.

Suzanne R said...

I love white meat, too, although it has to be accompanied by stuffing, mashed potatoes, and gravy! :-) There is some of the dark meat, though, on the bottom of the turkey, that is to-die-for! As for what I'm most thankful for, it's my cats and also my family -- my kids and grandkids. There are more items than that, but those are primary!

Anonymous said...

My favorite is white meat too, but like Elvis, it's all good! ;)

Karen Funk Blocher said...

I'm glad you got over the turkey trauma! Yes, it's certainly handy to have a "Jack Sprat" style couple when it comes to white and dark meat!