Sunday, November 12, 2006

Between Sunset And Full Night

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"The flower that you hold in your hands, was born today, and is already as old as you are."

-Antonio Porchia,Voces , 1943

Last Tuesday I woke up to find this "Real Simple Daily Thought" in my in-box...

"Enjoy yourself. It's later than you think." -Chinese Proverb

At first I was taken aback. I mean, how often is a quote of the day that pointed? "Jeepers, will I die today?" I thought to myself. Maybe it meant that I just really need to make the most of the gorgeous colors of autumn. You know, photograph all those leaves, before they are gone for another year. Strange how walking among autumn leave makes me feel alive, considering they are representative of the twilight of the year. "Twilight," I love that word. Yes, autumn is twilight, if summer is high noon. I suppose winter would be midnight, and as for spring, well I know very well that spring represents the year's dawning. I remember one especially warm spring sunrise, several years ago, when my whole bedroom was filled with the spicy scent of some mini-carnations that I had planted under the bedroom window. The sheer lace panels on the windows were billowing across the sill, slowly, and the windchimes were clinking together, it was a beautiful way to wake up. Ghostly, and yet sensual when presented all together.

I love this season. I am getting ready for Thanksgiving. I have my cookware all ready to make a feast. Alan is in charge of cooking the turkey, so he has decided to make it on the rotisserie, so the rest of the kitchen will be mine. I am making a nice Cranberry/Pecan stuffing, a Pumpkin Pie or two, and probably a Vegetable Pie. Hopefully, we will have a nice light lunch, right after the Macy's Parade, of maybe Vichyssoise and a Waldorf Salad, or maybe Stuffed Tomatoes, served on Pumpkin Pasta. We'll see. :) I know Elvis will be right there to lend a paw. LOL. He has always enjoyed sitting on the step stool, which allows him to sit just high enough, to be able to watch me cook. For some reason, watching what I cook fascinates him. :) He is a great cat.

Hopefully, I will get up to Sacramento later next week to do some photography. It is a gorgeous town, especially the downtown area and Old Sacramento. They will be putting up the holiday decorations soon. Lots of history to be seen around town.When I was in Carson City last month, I took a lot of photos of the capitol building and the amazing trees that surround it. The above photo was taken very early in the morning, it was about 31 degrees, and I didn't even have socks on! Silly me. I lasted only a few minutes out in the cold, but I just had to get some photos. The colors were too vibrant and the air to clear and fresh to not get out in it for a bit. Yes, my bones and joints thanked me later... with emphasis... so what? LOL. That's what pain medicine is for... right? All I know is that when I was walking through those leaves, I felt warm inside. :) I have been doing some sketches for the painting. I hope to have it done by the late spring. We'll see. :)

So what about that ominous message that came in my email? Well, here's a thought...

"Love is a symbol of eternity. It wipes out all sense of time, destroying all memory of a beginning and all fear of an end."


Carson City Capitol Building
Carson City, Nevada
October 26, 2006
Early Morning

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Steven said...

That is an amazing tree. Love those colors. Visual feast.

Nancy said...

I absolutely love that photo, Carly. It's a winner.
And that quote...I got that too, in my email, and looked at it a while. I was going to put it in my journal! Glad you did...