Sunday, September 10, 2006

Missing John Ritter

September 17th, 1948 - September 11, 2003

I miss his talent for humor so much. There is not enough laughter in the world.

"John was the kind of person, that if you spent 2 minutes with him, you felt as if you knew him for about 20 years."

-Martin Short

"He just had a way of making you feel special"

-Katey Segal

"I think the best way to pay a tribute to John Ritter and for the people who care about John, you should do two things. Do something really nice for somebody, and do something really goofy. You know, just stick your tongue out at the kid in the car next to you and I think that would make John happy."

-Paul Reiser

Is there ever enough laughter in the world?



Gaboatman said...

No, there is never enough laughter in the world. I'm gonna look all day for a kid to stick my tongue out at and I'll do something nice for someone, hopefully a complete stranger.

DesLily said...

boy, you got that right about not enough laughter!