Saturday, September 09, 2006

"Dream Homes"...A Round Robin Promotion

"It's a conspiracy , I tell you. The minute you start, they put you on the all-American sucker list. You start out to build a home and wind up in the poorhouse. And if it can happen to me, what about you...against every boy and girl who were ever in love."

-Jim Blandings, "Mr Blandings Builds His Dream Home." (1948)

I love old movies, and this one has always be a favorite. Although the movie was released in 1948, the situation goes on. A dream house can be a carefree flight of fancy, or the worst nightmare ever. LOL. Remember the Tom Hanks movie "The Money Pit?" Or how about the "Duplex," in which Drew Barrymore and Ben Stiller play a young couple who purchase their first home, only to find that they have to contend with a crzy next door neighbor.And speaking of crazy neighbors, how about the very dark film, "Pacific Heights?" Eeeeeeeek!

LOL. I am thinking of "Dream Homes," because that is the theme for our next Round Robin outing, chosen by Gem, author of the blog, "Journally Yours." The above photos is a picture I took, just this past May, of Jerry Garcia's house, which sits in the Haight/Ashbury district of San Francisco. My photo doesn't do it justice, I will have to go back and take another one at some point. I wonder, what made Jerry purchase this particular house? Was it the gorgeous Victorian archetechure? The location off the very famous 60's culture street? Was it indeed his dream house?

I have some very specific ideas in mind for what I would want in a dream house. I won't tell you now, of course, you have to come back here and read my Round Robin entry on Wedensday, September 20th. LOL. One thing I will give away right now, I have always wanted 10-20 ft inflatable moose antlers mounted on top. LOL. True. I love the moose, it is such an angelic creature, so instead of a silly gargoyal, I prefer moose anters. :) Inflatable moose antlers. Don't forget that. :)

I hope you will come back and read my entry, but what would be even better would be if you played along with the Round Robin Challenges, and post your own entry about what your "Dream Home," is or would be like. Is it a penthouse apartment with a view of Manhattan? How about a houseboat, like the ones on Richardson Bay? Maybe you want to live in a bamboo hut on a private island, like Gilligan did, or maybe you want a nice comfortable house, near good schools, in a town with a very low crimes rate, like the idealic town of Stepford. LOL. Anything goes, so put on your design caps, grab your camera, and go out and photograph the exterior of a house you consider to be a dream home. Write up and entry describing it to us, and post your photo. All the information you need to play, can be found on the official Round Robin blog.

Come on know you want to. :)

Round Robin Challenge: "Dream Homes"

"Jerry's House"
San Francisco, California
Spring, 2006

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