Friday, August 11, 2006

John Scalzi's Weekend Assignment #124: Learning To Drive

"I feel like I am diagonally parked in a parallel universe."


Your Weekend Assignment #124: How did you learn how to drive? How many tries did it take? What was the first car that you bought?

Extra Credit: Got a picture of that first car?

-John Scalzi (By The Way)

LOL. I looks like the theme for Ellipsis this week is transportation ! :) Yesterday, I shared with you my, "whattheHELLwasthat," passenger in a near tale of woe experience, and now I find that John Scalzi has chosen a driving them for our weekend assignment. LOL. On Saturday I am doing a promo for our next Round Robin challenge, which coincidently is "Transportation" and I will be finishing up the weekend with another round of, "Caption This!" Which, again by coincidence, has an transportation feel to it." LOL. Will wonders ever cease? Oh well, on with the assignment...

Q1. How did you learn to drive?

A. Alan taught me to drive. I was 23, and he thought it was about time I learned. He was right. It only took me six weeks. He was very good about teaching me to drive in different cities around the Bay Area, in which each seems to have their own rules, lol, and different lighting conditions. :)

Q2. How many tries did it take?

A2.I got my license on the very first try, the day before Thanksgiving, 1985. I scored a 96. Thank you very much! ;)

Q3. What was the first car you bought?

A3. Hmmm. The first car I ever owned in my name was after we got married. It was a Pontiac Firebird, but that was Alan's car before we got married. The first car we picked out as a couple was a Dodge Shadow, after that came a really dumb purchase of a KIA Sephia. Sigh. So I guess the first car I ever bought with my own money...sort of...was a 1999 Saturn SL1. She is pictured above and her name is Angelica. I said sort of, because I used my own money for the down payment, and while I was working I made the car payments. At one point I had to quit my job, to care for an ailing relative, and Alan took over the payments at that point. But Angelica was always mine all mine. :) She is beautiful. I love my car. :)

Extra Credit: See Above :)

Golden Gate Park
San Francisco, California
Spring, 2005


Julie said...

My daughter is almost 18 and has no interest in driving yet; and that is totally okay with me, although I'm getting real sick of being her taxi--but then again, it has it's advantages as well.. Julie :)

Karen Funk Blocher said...

That's a much nicer-looking Saturn than mine was. Beautifuly photographed, too.