Friday, July 21, 2006

John Scalzi's Weekend Assignment #121: This One Goes To 11!

"The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once."

-Albert Einstein

Weekend Assignment #121: Do whatever you want, so long as it somehow involves the number 11. Memories of being eleven, lists that have eleven positions to them, collections of eleven similar objects...hey...whatever you want. As long as the number eleven is somehow involved, it's all good. For those of you thinking about being sneaky and using binary notation: no "11, base 2." We're talking binary number 1011 here, pal.

Extra Credit: Grab a book, open it to page 11, and write out the 11th sentence.

-John Scalzi (By The Way)

How about a list of 11 things about the number 11, including a brand new original poem by me. :) I know what you are thinking..."Oh no...not one of her poems." LOL. Hey, practice makes perfect! LOL.

1. Eleven Minutes Ago, (A Free Verse Poem)
By Carly Gordon

I think it was in November when they met
Two human souls on one path
One walking toward and one walking away
From their individual pasts.

They stopped and spoke of polite things
For eleven minutes that November day
He and She thinking words not spoken
In a silent dialog of suppressed desires

The closer they came to each others life
The further they seemed to drift apart
Until a chasm was all that remained
Of a once great November filled day

Then both walked away in reluctant silence
As both momentarily considered the future
And what could have been changed in the past
Only eleven short minutes ago.

2. A rocket must travel at over 11km per second to escape the Earth's gravity.

3. According to Numerology, 11 possesses the qualities of intuition, patience, honesty, sensitivity, and spirituality, and idealism.

4. NBC 11 is my local NBC affiliate

5. Eleven, 11 lettered words.
1. Caressingly
2. Dressmakers
3. Foolishness
4. Truehearted
5. Documentary
6. Foretelling
7. Girlfriends
8. Knucklehead
9. Summerhouse
10. Tranquility
11. Yesteryears

5.The symbol for the 11th anniversary is STEEL.

6. The 11th president of the United States was James Polk.

7. Eleven Pipers Piping, from 12 Days Of Christmas, would cost $2,053.

8. 11 is the atomic number of sodium.

9. The 11th moon of Jupiter is called Himalia

10. In Astrology, the 11th house is of Ideals, Friends and Allies

11. Apollo 11 was the first mission to the moon. July, 1969.

Extra Credit: The 11th page and the 11th sentence of my favorite book, Practical Magic, by Alice Hoffman. Autumn will be here soon, I read this book every autumn. :)

"She did not as the aunts for special favors, or even request those small rewards she deserved."

"A Day In The 11th Month"
Berkeley, California
November, 2005


Paul said...

Knucklehead! I wish I had seen this before I replied to that knucklehead in the comments thread at John's journal.

DesLily said...

Good girl to mention Apollo 11 !!!!

Monponsett said...

Google "Neil Armstrong" and "Mr. Gorsky" sometime when you need a laugh.

sunflowerkat119 said...

This is one of those posts that leaves me shaking my head and grinning from ear to ear.

You are one of a kind Carly darlin'.