Monday, July 03, 2006

If Blogs Had Dust Jackets

"Whenever I endured or accomplished some difficult task...such as watching television, going out socially or sleeping...I always look forward to rewarding myself with the small pleasure of getting back to my typewriter and writing something."

-Isaac Asimov

This weekend certainly held it's challenges, that was for sure. Elvis didn't want me to sleep, he wanted me to play. When a 30+ pound cat sets his stubborn mind to something, there is no convincing him otherwise. As a result, I am tired...really tired. Hopefully I will be able to get enough rest today (Monday) and Tuesday to be able to go up to Twin Peaks and take photos of the 4th of July fireworks over San Francisco. I look forward to that, but right now, as sore as I am, it's a bit iffy.

So, while I didn't feel like making this a long entry, I did think it would kinda be nice to have a little fun. So, I thought I might share and idea I had today. What if Blogs and Journals had dust jackets, the same as books do. If they did, what might yours say about the author? there is a thought. What might mine say? So, with a little bit of fun with my digital camera, I created a self-portrait, then I threw in a little of my sense of humor, and a little bit of my recent past, and here's what I came up with...

"Carly Gordon became a successful citizen journalist by authoring her first journal/blog, "Ellipsis," which she began on AOL in late summer of 2003. Her modest success continues with her second blog, "Ellipsis...Suddenly Carly," after she, along with many of her fellow blog authors, made the exodus from AOL to Blogger following the events of "Black Tuesday." The AOL ad scandal of November, 2005. She is currently working on her first book, a horror story tentatively titled, "Silver Key." Carly currently lives in Berkeley California, with her husband and a cat named Elvis."

LOL. I don't know...maybe if there was such a thing as a dust jacket for blogs and journals, that would be what mine would say. How about you? What would your blogs dust jacket say? If you want to play along, post your entry and come back here and leave me a link so I can see it. I will update this entry so folks can find you. Who knows...maybe it will catch on. :)

Alternately, if you would like to write a review of my blog, "Ellipsis...Suddenly Carly," go for it. Be honest, I can take it. This is your chance to tell it like it is. Feel free to leave your review in the comment thread for this entry. :) Go's ok...I can take it. FRET! LOL. :)

"Me at 44 at 4:00 AM"
Berkeley, California
July 2, 2006
4:00 AM


Robbie said...

There you are!!!! I don't think you have ever shown a full picture of yourself, except one as a child. You always tease us with a glimpse or a reflection. The picture is beautiful and a great choice for a dust jacket. The colors and setting are perfect. Happy 4th!

Becky said...

I'll tell you sure don't LOOK 44. :-) So you are looking for blurbs for your dust jacket? LOL

* There is something about Carly's blog that just draws you in. From the stunning photography to her well written essays on life, health and politics...she has something for everyone.

IndigoSunMoon said...

Lordy. I wouldn't know where to begin to write about myself on a blog jacket. It would probably start something like this...
"Connie was once a successful RN, now she is a poor pitiful excuse...destined to live the life of a disabled person."
Sure would want to read that blog!

Wil said...

There you are, my beautiful friend. Must be feeling pretty good about yourself inside your skin, despite the ravages, aches and pains of the fibromyalgia. As Robbie said, this marks the first time all of your face has been visible in a photograph posted to your blog. Clearly an Alanis Morrisette, coming-out-of-your -shell type of moment.

Of course, I always thought I HAD a dust jacket blurb on my blog...

Laura said...

you will find that 44 is a good year....I hope that you enjoy it as much as I am so far.

Carly's is a blog that truly entertains the mind completely. Her gorgeous photography captures the world around her with a lens that does not blink. You see the world as it is and her eye draws you in further to look more closely.
Her thoughts will provoke you to think in the way that our minds should. You might find yourself nodding your head in affirmation and there might be times where you respectfully disagree with what she has to say but I can guarantee that you will think and perhaps find yourself believing what you do because her thoughts compelled you to think why do I agree/disagree with her.

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Maybe I'll come back with a blurb, but Becky really nailed it ith hers! I don't think I can top that. I like the photo a lo, ma brave. Now to get it onto the dust jacket of a book!

Carly said...

Hi Everyone :)

Thanks for your comments on this entry. It was a moment of "oh well, here goes, that led me to finally post a full photo of myself. Sometime's one simply has to move a little further out on life's limb. You know? ;)