Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Round Robin Challenge: Emotions

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"There can be no transforming of darkness, into light and of apathy into movement, without emotion."

-Carly Jung

This was a difficult challenge for me. I ran into some trouble choosing one particular emotion to try and capture with my camera. Oh I sure, I could have posted someone laughing, or maybe even capture one of those rare moments when Elvis cries...maybe even a moment when I was feeling sad. I had them this week. It wasn't that bad mind you, it's just that I find myself standing at a crossroad, about more then one thing, and at times it can be hard to handle. Still, I am ok, just maybe a little blue. I suppose blue really isn't an emotion. So, in an effort to try and step out of my own sadness this week, I decided to do something that would scare myself instead...LOL...I wrote a poem.

Now, as all of you know, poetry is not my greatest talent. So what. It is my belief that the only way to become good at something, is to practice it until either you do become good at it, or poetry police come and get you. LOL. I came up with this photo I took last autumn at the Pacific Grove Butterfly Sanctuary, and when I looked at it, I remembered how the eucalyptus tree seemed to be growing the monarchs. Each branch was filled with the most gorgeous splashes of color and flutter. I was having a really emotional time last fall, I was still trying my best to recover from something that happened to me late last summer. I spent most days avoiding things, because it all hurt too much. So, as I watched the butterflies, floating softly on the pacific coast breeze, somehow it made it all a little easier on my weary emotions. Looking at this photo other night, inspired the following poem. I hope you enjoy it, but feel free to be honest, if you think it's just awful, tell someday I can do better. :)

As A Spirit Complete
By Carly Gordon

An ethereal life of moments
A child of waning light
Born a gossamer of autumn
Her dance is her delight

Sleeping through the darkness
Awakening in the light
A season of emotions
Escaping a lover's plight

Counting not the days nor the moments
She rises to greet the morn
Then carries her feelings of love alone
As the rose has it's thorn

She does not despair in the darkness
As her eyes close gently to sleep
The lifetime that she lived today
She lived as a spirit complete about going out on a limb! Thank you Chris, for choosing a very challenging subject for all of us to enjoy! If you would like to play along with the Round Robin Challenges, just pay a visit to the official Round Robin blog to find out all the details. And be sure to visit all the Round Robin participants to see some wonderful interpretations this subject. The Robin members always amaze me with their creativity. Just click on the links below, and see for yourself.

"The Monarch Tree"
Pacific Grove Butterfly Sanctuary
Pacific Grove, California
Autumn, 2005

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Karen Funk Blocher said...

First of all, I love that photo, and your description of what it means. The poem has good imagery and emotion. Really, it's 90% there. You have meter problems in a couple of spots, but overall, well done!


DesLily said...

beautiful photo Carly... never have I seen monarchs like that!.. you got a "surprised" emotion from me seeing them like that!

Tammy said...

Forget the lovely photo! That poem was! I have been practicing since November and could not write like that. "Poetry Thursay" is calling your name :)

Chris said...

Wow, that is a LOT of butterflies! And your poem was great Carly. You ought to do it more often.

Suzanne R said...

Emotions can bless and they can be difficult. Thank you for blessing me with this post on them -- the picture is excellent and the poem lovely.

tess said...

Enjoyed both, and both well done! Can't get more emotional than poetry and photography!

TropicRedbird said...

WOW Carly, I am truly impressed! You did a wonderful job on poetry, and I love that photo!

Jessica said...

Such familiar emotions wrapped up in that poem...wonderful interpretation ... both of the theme, and your own emotions!

julie said...

Love the picture! Cool poem, too!

_rRose said...

Carly -
Just lovely - photo and poetry!
Butterflies are rare in the Va Mountains.
Thanks for sharing your
beautiful Monarchs! _rRose

Dorn said...

Wow, I didn't realize those were butterflies at first. Too cool!