Saturday, May 06, 2006

Things That Go Boom In The Night!

"Pentiums melt in your PC not in your hand."


Whew...Grrrrrrrrr...Whew. It's not like I haven't been warned! Karen has mentioned it, Patrick has mentioned it, Steven has mentioned it. Did I take their advice and do it? No. LOL. It is such an easy thing to only takes a few minutes, so why don't we all do it? Maybe we should designate a special day for it. Yeah...that's it, I hereby proclaim that the first Saturday in every month be, "BACK UP YOUR TEMPLATE DAY!" LOL.

It was tragic! I sat down last night, all ready to post several profound, poignant and very important entries about Lima beans, cats, pigs and orbs, except what do you think happened? I couldn't post those entries because my template had suffered a horrible, hideous, untimely death. It was sooooo sad. I clicked on my journal, and all that was there was a tiny little symbol that looked like this...

( ~T/)
Weep...WHINE...Whimper....WHINE. Oh my, I saw my whole bloggy life flash before my eyes. There is NO way I could go through rebuilding yet another journal. That would just be too much, so, imagine how it felt to think I might actually be looking at the end of my blog...and my blog career! Why, whatever would the Internet do without me? LOL.

Fortunately, my good friend Karen was awake and online, and she came quickly to my aid. Within an hour, I was once again up and running, with only a minor amount of fussing. Karen was awesome. A tweak here a tweak there and faster then you can say, "HTML." I was back. Listen and learn gentle reader...DON"T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU! Back-up your templates, so if yours decided to leave the cold, cruel world of the Internet, you can rebuild with a minimum amount of muss and fuss. Say it with me now...

"Yes, I will back up my template!"

The only casualty of the great template breakdown, is that I lost the poll I was running about gas prices. Fortunately I had saved a copy of it earlier in the day. So, I will be writing about the results of that poll tomorrow, but now I have a new poll on my sidebar, about the challenges of blogging. Stop by and take a look at it, I think it will be fun to find out what we all find most challenging about keeping a blog or journal. :) Let me know what you think. Also, do you have any blogging tips you would like to share? Please feel free to leave them in the comments.

Thanks again Karen :) You're the best!

Note: What I mean by backing up your template, is that basically you go into your template, open up a document file, such as word pad, then copy and paste the full body of text information into the document file. Keep it for safe in your document files, or even email it to yourself, should you ever have to replace your template information.

Berkeley, California
May 5th, 2005
Early Morning.


Anonymous said...

Carly, I haven't been on Blogger very long and I don't know what you mean about backing up the template. Can you elaborate?

Shelly said...

I've blogged about this too. Not only do I have backups for my blog templates, I have them saved in my email, too. Yes, I email my templates to myself in my gmail account, which is a nice place to store files, so if my template goes boom when I'm not on my home PC, I can get the template on whatever computer I'm on and restore right away. That happened this week, actually, when part of one of my blogs disappeared.

DesLily said...

yes, oh exhaulted one.. i have made a copy of my template and saved it in "my documents".. of course if you think for a moment i know how to get into a journal that won't let you in.. well.. that's another story! lol..

Tammy said...

Thanks for the heads up! I'll give it a whirl, just not sure what I'm doing :)

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Only you, Carly, can turn an evening's Unfortunate Event into such awesome advice - and make it funny at the same time!

For anyone on Blogger/BlogSpot who doesn't know how to do this:

1. Go to your Blog's Settings tab. (You can get there from your dashboard.)

2. Click on Template.

3. Click inside the box where the template is - all that HTML and css stuff. Right click. Select all. Copy.

4. Open WordPad, or any other problem that does text (txt) files. (rtf is okay, too.) Paste.

5. Save the file with a name that tells you what it is. You're done!

If your template gets messed up after that, all you have to do is open the text document you made, select all, copy, and paste it into the template box in Blogger. Save. Republish. You're back in business!

Whenever you change your template (your sidebar, your links, any of that stuff), you should back up your template again. Got it? Good!