Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Round Robin Challenge: Free

"There are many ways to be FREE. One of them is to transcend reality by imagination, as I try to do."

-Anais Nin

I love apple juice. There is nothing better on a warm autumn day, then to sit out in my yard, with a tall glass of ice-cold apple juice. At least twice a year I have to take a drive 260 miles south, down HWY 101 to San Luis Obispo, California, to the Apple Farm. Honestly, they make a special apple juice right there on the premises, that is so good it curls my toes. Sitting here right now, I can almost taste that juice, flowing down the back of my throat, it's crisp, spicy flavor tickling my palate. A glass of that apple juice is like taking a sensuous bite out of autumn itself. It is an experience which shouldn't be missed in this lifetime. Truly, you would be amazed at how good just one sip will make you feel. Yes, it's worth the drive, over 500 miles round trip for that apple juice.

The Apple Farm is a very special place for many reasons, it's not just the juice that makes it a favorite place of mine. They also treat their customers like old friends...even if they have just met you. As one example, down in the Mill House, where the juice is produced and sold, there is always FREE popcorn, freshly popped, waiting for whoever comes by. The corn is popped in an old fashioned kettle popper that fills the room, and the air just outside the Mill House with the comforting aroma of warm, buttery popcorn. It is an amazing companion to the chilled juice. The Apple Farm is a place I love, not just for the amazing food and drink that you find there, but for the way they go out of their way to make you feel like you are home. Yeah, safe and home. :) Hopefully, I will be able to take a trip down to SLO next month for my birthday...ahhhh...I can almost taste the juice and popcorn now. :) It's the little things in life...that makes it all so sweet.

This Round Robin was chosen by Phinney, author of the journal, "Paragon." Thank you Phinney, for reminding me of one of my favorite places on earth. For all the information on the Round Robin Challenges, pay a visit to the official RR journal. To see the entries by our other Robins, simply click on the links below. You'll be glad you did!

"Popcorn For The Road"
San Luis Obispo, California
June 29th, 2005
Late Morning

Apple Farm

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Karen Funk Blocher said...

Ah, yes, free popcorn! Casa Video has free popcorn to eat while you're browsing for movies to rent. But Carly, you've made me terribly thirsty! Where am I going to find apple juice at 1 AM?


Phinney said...

free! my subject and i don't even have a photo yet! see, most of my day is not FREE and i do so much volunteer work for FREE that i haven't gotten a shot yet. sigh. i will see you later. i LOVE your photo, it's so cute. did you get my postcard yet? check your box. =) meanwhile, off to do PTO work for FREE - catch you later. xo phin

tess said...

Wow, you gave me a rush! I know that juice from my years in CA.

Tammy said...

I can't believe I've never been there! I need to check it out :)

Sounds so good!

Sassy/Deb said...

I managed to post on blogspot, but Sassy got TOSed again so can't post there yet (bulk mail ta-do!)
xox Sassy/Deb

Charley said...

You know, I hate apple juice. Really. Hate it. Can't stomach the taste. At all.

And I live in Adams County, PA, the third largest apple producing county in the nation. We're home to the national apple museum. The largest county festival is centered around apples....twice a year (harvest and bloom).

And I hate apple juice.

Like apples, though.

Anyway. This entry actually made me want apple juice. Want to taste it. Those are some seriously well written words!

Be well,

Dave said...

I, too, am an Apple Joice addict. I have to have a glass every morning right after my cup of coffee (which my doctor keeps telling me I need to stop...the coffee, that is).

It's been a while since I had good fresh've gone and made me hungry!

Have a great week, Carly!

Suzanne R said...

That has to be some seriously-good apple juice for you to drive so far. :-) And I can imagine how yummy it would be with free popcorn. (Now I'm hungry for popcorn -- maybe I'll have to get some and eat it with apple juice I have here, although it won't be quite the same as what you're talking about.) Fun entry!

julie said...

Mmmm...fresh apple juice! Great story.

Redbird said...

Carly ... ditto to Charley! I hate apple juice, but somehow now I have a desire to have some ... with fresh popped POPCORN ! ! ! Wonderful entry ~ Valorie

Gaboatman said...

This Apple Farm sounds like it was made for me! I love apple juice and popcorn and I'll bet the Mill House smells just like heaven. Worth the drive? Heck, yeah! It would be worth the drive in my book!