Friday, May 05, 2006

A Meme From T J :)

"She glances at the photo, and the pilot light of memory flickers in her eyes."

My friend T.J., author of the journal, "Photo Inclusions: Every Picture Tells A Story," included me in this neat little meme, that features one of my favorite The idea is to post of 5 photos as answers to a certain 5 questions. Fun, fun, fun. Follow me...

1. One photo of something you made.

Here is a photo of what I prepared for St. Patrick's Day dinner. Traditional Corned Beef & Cabbage. I love to cook, almost as much as I love taking photos. I want to do more with that this year. I want to learn to take good photographs of food. :)

2. One picture of a gift someone gave you.

Here is a photo of my favorite pendant. Alan gave me this dragonfly for Christmas this past year. I have a dragonfly and butterfly motif throughout my house and in the garden. I have been collecting them for years. He bought me this dragonfly, the day after I was diagnosed with is representational of change. :)

3. One picture of something strange.

LOL. ;) My Pillsbury Doughboy with a dirty face is kinda strange. LOL. So is my sense of humor. LOL.

4. One picture of something with a pig. Why? Why not?

See, this could qualify as both "strange" and Piggy. I don't know what came over me. One day I was shopping at the World Market, and I saw this plastic bag filled with these little pink piggies. I couldn't resist. What the heck was I going to do with a plastic bag of piggie? Well, take pictures of them I guess...that's my story and I am sticking to it! LOL.

5. One picture of something unique.

It doesn't get any more unique then this sculpture, which can be found on the Cal Berkeley campus. The university grounds has all kinds of wonderful sculptures and art pieces...this one is a favorite of mine. It's called, "Rotante Dal Foro Centrale," and is by Italian artist, Arnaldo Pomodoro.

Thank you T J for including me in the neat meme, it brought back some wonderful memories, just by looking at the photos. :)




DesLily said...

Hi Carly.. I did this Meme too! lol.. I actually"built" something for the "something you made".. goes to show you how out of it I am that I used to love to cook and now i could care less lol.. that never entered my pea brain!! but it's an excellent choice!!

Ohhh the Dragonfly is really pretty... (did you see the movie with kevin costner? gooood movie)

Your dough boy reminded me that once I made ceramics but have nothing really left of any except for "carolers" for christmas..

i enjoyed this post!!
(i don't know if its just me but since blogspot put the disabled thing by their funky letters.. many times the funky letters don't show and i just get the red X.. then i have to retype everything because i cant write a red x for word verification lol..)

Phinney said...

i did this meme too, sometime this past week...i forget when and too lazy to check lol. it was fun. your pigs are cute!

xo phin