Sunday, April 23, 2006

And The Maddie Goes To... (MadLibs)

"If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun."

-Katherine Hepburn

Applause, applause everyone, we have a MadLibs winner! Congratulations goes to Charley, author of the journal, "Courage." If you haven't been by his journal before, be sure to drop by and say "hi." While you are there, have a look around. Charley has a wonderful, truly unique journal, that is written with a lot of heart and soul. I know I am quite pleased that I discovered it, just a couple months ago. Thanks Charley for playing along with this round of MadLibs, and indeed thanks to all who played. Ok,now on with the story...

Lost And Found
By Charley (Courage)

Dog. Black and white BLOOMING Cocker ONION, with deep brown PHALANGE and a very CRACKLING tail. Answers to the name of, PATRICK.

A solid gold EMU with a LUSCIOUSLY carved wooden GOLF BALL hanging from it. Reward of 50 PUTTERS for return of this THROWN heirloom.

Seven ENDIVE diamond PAPER with a sterling TEA BAG clasp. Gift from HOT grandmother. Owner is FOLLICLE broken. Generous HAIR offered upon return.

A GREASY elephant in my SWEATING pool. He has OILY marks on his hide, a short CALENDAR and a very GREEN trunk. Please come and get him. He's eating me out of house and WEBCAM.

Tee Hee :)

"Blue Moments"
San Francisco, California
April 21, 2006


Becky said...

Hee hee!! I used to love doing these with friends when I was younger. A 7th grade english teacher turned us on to them. Oh those sneaky sneaky teachers. Learning in the guise of fun.

DesLily said...

these are cute!..

love the kate hepburn quote! lol

Charley said...

What rules do you break to have fun? Might make an interesting post :).

Thanks for the promotion and it's a great game to play - thanks for hosting :)