Monday, February 27, 2006

Your Monday Photo Shoot: 80's!

"Style is the mind skating in circles around itself, as it moves foreword."

-Orson Welles

Your Monday Photos Shoot: Get something that screams the 1980's. Get it in picture form! This can include things you have around the house that are from the 80's, or alternately, is a picture that is so obviously from the 80's itself.

-John Scalzi

"When the workin' day is done,
Girls just want to have fun
Oh, girls, just want to have fun." -Cyndi Lauper

For girls, the 1980's were about accessories! Clothes mattered, remember when I shared that I practically owned everything in Maddie Haye's closet? But it was the flashy, clunky jewelry, and designer fragrances that made the whole 80's look come together. I never left the house without my hair and make-up just so very 80's. LOL. So what fragrances does a mermaid wear? Well, it depended on the time of day. For daytime, it was Chloe, for afternoon and early evening it was Oscar De La Renta, and for evening it was Christian Dior's Poison. I still wear these fragrances to this day, Poison is my favorite scent, but I have added other contemporary perfumes to my favorites. It can't give up on one of my favorite decades. I had a lot of fun back then, but I am glad I am where I am today. :) One thing still rings true however...

"When the workin' day is done
Girls just want to have fun
Oh, girls just want to have fun."-Cyndi Lauper

"80's Flashback"
Berkeley, California
February 27th, 2006


Karen Funk Blocher said...

Interesting - I would never, ever have thought of jewelry or fragrances in connection with the 80s. I guess this is one of those "different things to different people" topics!

Cosette said...

Hey Carly. I've returned to my AOL blog so be sure to visit me. Interesting entry. One scent I always associate with the 80s is Paloma Picasso.

V said...

Yikes! No Duchovny?