Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Round Robin Challenge: Silly Animals

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"Mary had a little lamb, and the doctor fainted."


Good, I finally get to show off some of my very favorite animals, and I think a nice combination of digital and my older, non-digital photographs. The photos of the Lemur, White Bengal Tiger and the Giraffe were taken at the Oakland Zoo with my Minolta 35mm camera with a Quantaray Tech-10 MX AF 70-300 1.4-5.8 LDO Macro lens. The Ostrich, Turkey and the Opossum were photographed with Konica/Minolta DImage Z1 with a x10 optical zoom lens.

I love photographing animals. They are relaxed, friendly subjects, how else could I possible capture a photograph of a Bengal Tiger smiling? Or an Ostrich laughing, or how about an Opossum out in the light of day? That last one was my favorite animal photo of 2005. See, that isn't just any old opossum, that is a photograph of Elvis's pal, Ipson Pendragon. Ipson was born in our back yard last spring, and has lived here with his mother, Agatha, ever since. Ipson is truly to silliest of the opossums, he has a sense of humor and absolutely no sense of time. Opossums are nocturnal by nature, yet there at the back door everyday at 2:30 PM came Ipson. It seems, Ipson, had discovered that if he came to the door before his siblings, he just might get a piece of cheese pizza. We found out one day how much he enjoyed cheese pizza.

Elvis and Ipson became very good friends. LOL. One night I was sitting at my computer in my office, working on some bills, when I heard a little, "peep-peep, ipp-ipp" sound. I couldn't figure out where it was coming from, so I returned to what I was doing and thought nothing more of it. The next night, at about the same time, I heard it again. This time I was going to find out what it was! I looked all around the room, as Elvis sat on the rocking chair in the corner of my office looking amused...yet somehow...bored. Then I saw it! Ipson peeked his head out from around some boxes. Tee Hee. That little guy had spent the night with us! Slowly I shooed him out the back door and I told him to go and find his mother, Agatha. That was rather naughty of Elvis to invite a sleepover guest and not tell us! Heck, if I had known...I would have ordered a large cheese pizza from Straw Hat! LOL.

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"Animal Fair"


Karen Funk Blocher said...

Well, I've always loved that turkey shot, and the others are great, too. But the one of Ibson is flat-out wonderful! Thanks for the update on your marsupial neighbors!


Kimberleigh said...

Nothing beats a day at the zoo with camera in hand! They are such camera hogs! lol lol lol

DesLily said...

love animal pics!.. guess i need to put up my round robin.. heh

Tess said...

Loved the photos and the tail (err tale)!

DesLily said...

ok, mine is posted!

Celeste said...

I love the possum! He is so cute!

Steven said...

Spotted Ipson right away. He's a fun one. I'd be stunned if I found one indoors though.

DEREK said...

these are just wonderful, reminded me that I went to the zoo and had some funny silly zoo animal pictures too, dang I should have put them on my site. Maybe I'll do a silly animals 2 entry.

julie said...

Great pictures. I love the opossum.

Gannet Girl said...

This is so well done. The ostrich for me.

V said...

I wish I had a camera!

Becky said...

The ostrich is the silliest! LOL