Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Round Robin Challenge: Laisser le Bon Temps Rouler (Let The Good Times Roll)

"If it's not fun, you're not doing it right."

-Bill Blasso

Sometimes I think maybe my "Kick up your heels and let the good times roll," days might be over. But in reality, I just need to pick and choose how I let the good times roll. Yesterday was Valentine's Day, and I woke up ready to celebrate the day. The sun was warm, so I was feeling pretty energetic, and when I went into my office I found I had a big box waiting for me. It was a gift from Alan. That nice man went out and bought me a gorgeous dessert set from Bed bath & Beyond. It is a serving for four and it is a country cats pattern. I was thrilled! See, Alan didn't know it, but I had reserved an ice-cream cake from Baskin Robin's. I called him at work and thanked him for my nifty new present, and told him I had something special for him to pick up on his way home. How does chocolate cake with chocolate mint ice-cream sound? :) I have to say, there is something completely decadent about eating an entire ice-cream cake in the middle of the afternoon, with someone you really kinda like. :) There was one more surprise waiting for me, he fixed dinner for us. A grilled steak and veggies. Ok, so maybe it wasn't party till you drop, but we had a really good time. :) Thanks goes to Tess, for picking such an awesome challenge! Be sure to visit the other Round Robin participants.

"Good Times"
Berkeley, California
February 14th, 2006

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tess said...

Let me be the first to say, wonderful surprises! To the pleasures, joys and flavors of being celebrated1

Sassy said...

Hi Valentine! Here's mine:

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Sounds great to me!

I see I've gotten way behind here during my long weekend of all-nighters and no sleep. I'll catch up properly tomorrow night!


DesLily said...

mine's up!

Sara said...

How exciting... and yummy!! :)


DesLily said...

I put one up too!

ps save me some of that cake! lol

Nancy said...

Do you know why I'm not getting the RR alerts?? Boo hoo....
I asked last time but never heard back... I'm beginning to get a complex! :(

DEREK said...

yum yum! sounds great!

Globetrotter said...

That Ice cream cake looks to die for! It's so pretty I think I would have had trouble eating it!

Alan's as sweet as your treat obviously. Sounds like you had a good one, Carly, and no the good times aren't over. They just come less frequently as we get older and achier. The good thing is that we appreciate them more because we are wiser!

julie said...

I'm putting on weight just looking at that picture! Yum!