Friday, February 24, 2006

John Scalzi's Weekend Assignment #100: Facts From The Future!

"If you want to know your future look at what you are doing right at this moment."

-Tibetan Proverb

Weekend Assignment # 100: Share 10 facts about yourself...from the next five years. Imagine what you see happening over the next half decade and then tell us about it, in interesting fact form. You can be serious, or silly, or somewhere inbetween. But give it some real thought and then take a stab at your future facts. If you find 10 facts too much, just do five. Either way it will be fun.

Extra Credit: So, who will be president in 2011?

-John Scalzi

A Half A Decade Ago...
The "could be" account of the last five years.
(A maybe future as documented in semi-fiction).

It's a little past midnight on February 23rd, 2011. Five years ago, I decided to write down John Scalzi's Weekend Assignment #100: Fact's From The Future, in a special journal to see if indeed I not only made it to this year, but also to see if my dreams and goals actually came to fruition. It's been so long, that I am not sure I remember them correctly, so let's open the special envelope that has held them for half a decade's time. Or is that really a good idea? Oh well, a lot has let's see if my future dreams came true or if my worst nightmares got in my way...

February 23rd, 2006 12:00 A.M.
Berkeley, California

Weekend Assignment #100: Facts From The Future.

Hmm...10 facts, about me, that will occur in the next five years. Jeepers. Well, I know that right now my number one concern is getting myself into a regular routine of (1) T'ai Chi and Meditation, with that working right for me, then I can finally move on to my goal of(2) attending the Academy Of Art University. I want to earn a degree in Digital Photography, so that I can walk into a gallery, or a magazine office somewhere here in Northern California and interview with confidence in my work so I can begin make a living through my love of photography. In the mean time, I still continue to work on my book, "Silver Key."(4). I have been pleased with the pace I have kept lately, so five years from now I would love to look on my book shelf, that sits above my desk, and actually see it in print. Because it has been difficult lately to take photos and write as much, and they way I would like to, I have taken up drawing. Alan seems to think I do well at it, and I have to admit I like how it relaxes me. The (5th) goal I have is to learn to paint. I would like to transfer some of my floral and still life photographs onto canvas.

On a more practical note. I want to feel better in five years. I will only be 47 and I want some of my energy back, that will mean keeping a commitment to myself to keep up with both my psychological counseling and my body, mind and spirit regimen. That is goal number (6). Goal number (7), would involve being able to finally let go of people, places and things that have hurt me over the years. Looking back is not a good thing, when all it brings you is negativity. There is so much to embrace about life. Maybe I will go back into volunteering. As I sit here right now, I don't have an 8, 9, or 10 prediction of the future. I think I will let future history write itself. When I get to February 23rd, 2011...I will know what those significant moments would have been, and I promise to share every detail, so you will just have to comeback and visit me five year's from today. :)

Extra Credit: I have been happily enjoying the first term of President Barack Obama. He and his Vice President, Barbara Boxer, have worked hard to unite the country and bring us back to hope. It's a good feeling indeed.

"Sweet Still Life"
San Mateo, California
February 23rd, 2006

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Karen Funk Blocher said...

Heck, I'd rather have a president Obama than McCain! May all your goals be fulfilled, Carly, including the ones you don't know about yet.